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Fuel Quality

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misterjinglesmisterjingles Forumite
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My mechanic swears that supermarket petrol is inferior to well known good quality brands such as Shell , Esso etc.

Is this conspiracy theory or is petrol just petrol whatever ??


  • Last I checked, Tesco didn't own any refineries, so whose making it for them..?

    I know who. You'll be fine on supermarket fuel.

    I run a fairly mad spec road car as a toy, with adjustable boost between 15-25psi. It doesnt pink on the Tesco super. Says it all for me.
  • tomsticklandtomstickland Forumite
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    I've recently been keeping a close eye on mpg with supermarket and non-supermarket fuels. Similar driving patterns. I've not seen any noticeable difference in mpg.
    Personally I just use a random mix. My local Shell garage is amongst the cheapest in the area too.
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  • Have a look at 'Honest Johns' site on the Saturday Telegraph. Plenty of stories of problems with supermarket fuel. Not convinced, seems alright to me
  • lily_the_pinklily_the_pink Forumite
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    The supermarket stuff will be the same grade but wont necessarily have the same additives - so on some cars (but only some) you will notice a difference.
  • AstarothAstaroth Forumite
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    As far as I saw Tesco's dont own any baked mean factories but there certainly is a difference between Heinz baked bean and Tesco Value.

    My father used to work in the oil industry as an independant auditor for depots etc and whilst I cant say which fuels went where there were certainly different grades/ additives within "4 Star" (it was a long time ago) and "3 Star" etc which went off to different petrol stations.

    Whilst there are certainly difference between different companies fuel it is a totally seperate question on if these differences actually make any noticable difference to the end user or if it is all marketing spin.
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  • one of the motoring mags. did an article on this,i think it was auto-express,they said there was alot of difference between various fuels,not just the standard unleaded but the more expensive ones like optimax etc.,when these were compared.

    It seemed to be dependant on which car you drive though.
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  • If thats your product perception Astaroth, then fine. Stick with it.

    I work with a refinery as part of my day job (I supply the Power Transmission equipment they use) and I know what fuel goes where, and from whom.

    I cant say much, as I'm bound by non disclosure agreements, but all I say is, if you think Tesco, or any other retailer, would sell crap, and indeed anything 'inferior' to the point where it could damage your engine, your on cloud cuckoo land.

    The octane is on the money, and it may not have the latest 'additives' of some name brand, but thats it.
  • balsinghbalsingh Forumite
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    Sainsburys use BP fuel. I've been running it for well over 10 years in all sorts of cars including high performance BMWs and its been great!!
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  • C_RonaldoC_Ronaldo Forumite
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    ive not noticed a difference but i dont normally shop at BP, shell, esso stations i use the supermarkets stations
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  • Found an Esso station yesterday selling Diesel for 89.9p and Unleaded for 84.9p

    Sort of takes the Supermarket fuels out of the equation as that is far less than the local supermarkets are selling it for around here
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