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Wedding list discount?


We are about to place our Wedding list with John Lewis but I have come across a couple of people who have said that some shops give a discount or gift vouchers to the value of a small percentage of the total spend by guests (Debenhams was one they mentioned but it was a few years ago).

Has anyone got any other store names that do this or details of any cracking offers we should be taking advantage of?



  • MaryCMaryC Forumite
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    Debenhams do still do this, you get 5% back which can amount to a tidy sum and allowed us to buy most of the remainder of the list.
    They are also quite practical in other ways, being nationwide and having a fab internet site where you can view the purchases made by people as it gets nearer the day.
  • Crom_2Crom_2 Forumite
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    I rang Debenhams at lunchtime and the deal is as you say MaryC. This looks good but they're not being completely benevolant because they charge the guests for present delivery. john Lewis is free del.

    Does anyone know of any others?
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    We have a small list at Debenhams BUT was put off by the additional charges those buying from the list can pay
    I think it was £3.50 EACH for delivery & gift wrapping.
    (totalling to £7.00)
    We have decided to leave a small list at Debenhams, but are creating another list at John Lewis. With John Lewis NO additional charges.
    I know that it isn't my money, but I will warn anyone who asks my & who isn't going to select & collect from a Debenhams store
  • MaryCMaryC Forumite
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    We had 3 lists (I know, I got a bit carried away ::)!), Debenhams, M&S and Argos.

    Debenhams was the smoothest process from start to finish but I remember being a little concerned about the delivery charges. As it turned out, most people went to the store and bought the presents in person, wrapped them themselves and took them to the reception even though most had to travel from England to N Ireland.

    I did ask one or two why they bothered and they all said that they wanted to hand us them in person and also to see what they were buying.

    Argos was pretty good as well though, useful if you have a list with lots of appliances and essential household equipment on it.

    I think do an online list with some sort of rebate, at least they used to... Don't have any experience of them though.
  • nhnh Forumite
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    John Lewis also give you an amount back, a percentage of what people spend on your list.

    The problem I have with that is the prices people have to pay in the first place. £50 for an ironing board? I don't think so! Never Knowingly Undersold? Give me a break!

    Some people are funny about giving money but it is becoming much more commonplace now. I am thinking of having a small list of the things I would buy at John Lewis anyway and then asking for cash and spending that at different stores to get the best prices.
    I'm married now! Yippee!
  • you should try alders if there is one near you they have realy good offers on with wedding things all the time
  • zappomaticzappomatic Forumite
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    I work in the Gift List department of John Lewis Oxford Street, and we do not currently offer any cashback or discount. However there was a mailer some time ago sent to account card holders whereby if they recommended the service to someone and the list spend was over £500 (which is quite a low figure, most people's lists have a value of £1500-£3000) both they and the list holder would receive a £25 gift voucher. A good offer, especially since unlike most retailers JL give change in cash and don't keep it for themselves!

    Also ironing boards in John Lewis start at £25, and even these low end ones will last a very long time. I've bought cheap clothes airers etc elsewhere and they just don't last!
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