New Demo ho-ho tivator tool!

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  • Its funny how even just 1 can of coke can mount up to £62 by Xmas
  • ailuro2ailuro2 Forumite
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    I too have a bit of a habit, 60p a time for coke from the vending machine at work...

    much cheaper to buy it at the supermarket and take it to work, but it's COLD from the vending machine...

    it's getting to the time of year when I can bring back the fridge for my office - a plastic bag hung out of the window - I'm just glad I look out onto spare ground where no one can see it (or nick it, it's ground level!)
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  • redroo555redroo555 Forumite
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    worked really well for me!!
    but worked out oh smoking habits, and am going to show him tom!!!!!
    i think its a great idea, makes you realise just how much you spend on things you don't really need!! well done:money:
    i keep losing weight, but it just keeps on finding me!!!!!!:D
  • Just tried it.

    I found I could have done with a print button by it and would have liked the option of monthly buttons.

    It really is marvellous though!

    Off to put my list on the fridge to scare the children and stop them wasting money! LOL!! ;)
  • TaloolahTaloolah Forumite
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    Its amazing how much I could save by giving up my starbucks coffee, I think I will give it a try and buy a flask instead.
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    great tool, works well for me, frightening how much those little extras mount up to.
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    youngieyoungie Forumite
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    surprising how small amounts add up but do I want to forgo the chance of winning a fortune by not buying that lottery ticket? tough call! great tool to show novice money savers how little changes add up
  • looks good, and usefull.
  • jemtomjemtom Forumite
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    eeek definately time to quit smoking cant believe how much i spend on them and how much i could save although thats my only vice but thanks martin you have made me see how much extra i could have without the ciggies!
  • scottishlassscottishlass Forumite
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    I like it - although the every work day not rounding down is slightly annoying (£70.70 at a £1 a day) but other than that quite a handy little tool.
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