On my account it states......

Access to your Online Account has been changed. To discuss your account, please call us on 0800 952 4966, if you are calling outside of the UK, please call us on +44 115 993 8002. Calls may be monitored/recorded for training purposes.

I phoned up, call centre in India.
She said "Do not worry about that, thats nothing to worry about"


No wonder companies fail so miserably with there customers.


  • 50quidonRED
    calm down squire prob an admin error. i guess u got the good news by nothing being wrong, imagine u had been cloned then how many caps lock would you have used?

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    :rotfl: good times are "finally" here :rotfl:
  • nickyhutch
    I've had that message once - when my payment was overdue. Could that be the case? Or maybe you've exceeded your limit? I agree with your point though - the message should tell you what's wrong, or the operator should when you ring.
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  • devilswife
    I have had it to, and rang them and was told it was nothing! I changed my address recently online and this is the only thing that i can think of thats caused it.
    My Account is up to date, no missed/late payments ever.
    wouldnt worry about it lol
  • SneakyP_2
    Count yourself lucky! I've tried to apply for a Capital One card on several occasions and have been refused each time. I got a letter each time simply saying 'thanks but no thanks'.

    I got all paranoid and got an Experian report and have no issues on my credit rating at all!? Since then I've had a Virgin card and an Egg card with no issues at all.

    Very weird!?
  • Degenerate
    Degenerate Posts: 2,166 Forumite
    Someone started an identical thread a couple of days ago, it's evidently a systems error.
  • rich11
    rich11 Posts: 179 Forumite
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    I had an email from them today to say my "ESTATEMENT" was now online and to enter my details.Very official looking it was too except for the obvious
  • Watalie
    Watalie Posts: 535 Forumite
    I had that today too. When I called they said it was nothing to worry about apparantly they have chenged the online system or something.

    Nothing to worry about.

    Although like you, I wondered if it was nothing to worry about, why bother to tell me about it?!
  • simax
    simax Posts: 1,959 Forumite
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    rich11 wrote: »
    I had an email from them today to say my "ESTATEMENT" was now online and to enter my details.Very official looking it was too except for the obvious

    Obvious what?
    I spent 25 years in the mobile industry, from 1994 to 2019. Worked for indies as well as the big networks, in their stores also in contact centres. I also hold a degree in telecoms engineering so I like to think I know what I’m talking about 😂
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