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Preparing for winter II

edited 18 September 2011 at 7:29AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Pink.Pink. Forumite
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edited 18 September 2011 at 7:29AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hi everyone,

As the original thread is now over three years old and has grown very long, I think it's time for a new one, and what better time of year to begin to prepare than September. I have tried to contact Hapless, the OP of the original thead so she could start the new one but unfortunately she hasn't been online for some time.

So here goes....a shiny new thread. Please post below all your preparations for winter. If you want to read through the tips on the old thread you can find it here:

Preparing for Winter

Other links that may help:

the ice man cometh! (merged with keeping warm)

Things that worked or didn't work last winter

Frugal but happy in winter?

Lets hope it's a good one for all of us.


A winter check list has been posted - you can find it here:- [post=45741528]Winter Check List[/post]

Car survival list (from the old thread) :- [post=28664133]car survival list[/post]
Car lists revisited :- [post=46996995]Car winter preparations[/post]


  • Oooh, shiny new thread! Thank you Pink!
    :D Skint but happy with my lovely family :D

    Hypnotherapy rocks :j
  • Athome1Athome1 Forumite
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    Thanks from me too Pink! I loved the old thread and I'm sure this one will be just a great! :T
  • Hoorah, I shall definitely keep up with this one!!

    I have:

    Bought OH a dressing gown.
    Sewn £3 for 2 @[email protected] fleece blankets inside hall windows (where the thermostat lives).
    Taken up skanky old carpet and horrid MDF floor and laid pine floorboards with insulation underneath.
    Put an extra layer of insulation in the loft.

    No big gas bill for me this year!!

    Will possibly invest in some new slippers for us both and OH needs some wellies.
  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    Ooh, shiny!

    Good news, nice to see how supportive we've all been of each other over the years!
  • CheapskateCheapskate Forumite
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    Love new threads - thanks very much pink-winged! :T

    September has always been my 'new year' as I've always associated it with a new school year.

    Now that DS3 is at nursery, I'm planning to:

    Sew door curtains x2
    Make thermal linings from cheap fleeces for several window curtains
    Make draught excluders
    Buy runners for hallway & kitchen - laminate floors are so cold! :eek:
    Buy new flannelette sheets for everyone
    Stock up (a bit!) on dry goods, toiletries, etc

    There are probably loads more things, but I can't think just now! :rotfl:

    Will keep up with this thread - love battening down the hatches for winter! :D

    A xo
    Aug GC £0/£300
  • Important update! We have recently reviewed and updated our Forum Rules and FAQs. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest version.
  • Thanks Pink:D
    mardatha wrote: »
    It's what is inside your head that matters in life - not what's outside your window :D
    Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory. - Ghandi
  • midnightraven3midnightraven3 Forumite
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    thanks very much pink-winged!:T

    read all of the last one, but just started posting
    have lots of tips and started doing for this winter

    i love this thread
    and the anticipation of being as cosy as can be:D
    excited to be part of the new thread too:j
  • Bitsy_BeansBitsy_Beans Forumite
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    thanks for the new thread Pink :D

    I don't have loads to do, buy a couple of fleeces for the kids beds, my mum has promised to knit me two blankets for the car in case of emergency (although I don't use it much during the day but I like to be prepared ;)) and I WILL kick H up the @rse to fit the draught excluders we bought for two doors LAST winter <hangs head in shame>
    I will probably need to rig a heavyweight curtain at the bottom of my stairs as these come into the lounge and the draught that blows down is shocking. No idea where it comes from, neighbour has the same problem. Must be a design flaw in the house :(
    I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you it'll be with a knife :D Louise Brooks
    All will be well in the end. If it's not well, it's not the end.
    Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars
  • midnightraven3midnightraven3 Forumite
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    i am also wondering what i can do with the stairs
    we loose so much heat

    this needs thought
  • Uniscots97Uniscots97 Forumite
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    Sorry for interupting, I might be able to help with the cold stairs problem. I posted on the old thread in response to Mardatha (I think) with regard to heating a stone cottage but decided last night to investigate why my hall and stairs are so cold compared to the rooms. Here's what I found:-

    - Is your front door metal or lots of glass? Tick for this one for me, I plan to put a curtain up as the door was freezing! and the letterbox won't help.
    - Do you have a loft hatch? I replaced my nasty plastic one a few years ago with a wooden one so its not as bad (coldness wise) but have put a seal of clear silicone round the edge of it to help the cold stay out. Was thinking if this winter is really cold I'll pin (drawing pins) an old towel or something over it.
    - hall ceiling cold? Took a tip from my parents on this one. I plan to paint my hall ceiling (the one with the loft the other side of it) with that polyfilla paint stuff, not sure what you call it but the stuff that fills in little cracks.
    - windows in the hall? Curtains or blinds or as it said in my old post a layer of clear perspex! (weren't allowed to put in double glazing)

    just a few thoughts if I think of more I'll post them
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