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Online survey income, HMRC do I need to declare?

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Online survey income, HMRC do I need to declare?

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JayenJayen Forumite
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Im new around here and to the process of money making ;)
Just a week ago i registered to some surveying sites and I wanted to know if I need to declare any income I might make to HM I know the money I will make will be very low so is declaring income necessary? have any of u declared if so can u tell me how?

Im currrently studying, doing my A-level and I do recieve EMA, if this has any effects on my personal allowance. Thanks for ur help guys

sorry for asking nub questions:o

thanks again!


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    Is it actual money you got or gift vouchers?

    Generally I things like this, personal eBay sales etc. are strictly taxable but it would cost HMRC more to collect the tax than they would get in tax so they generally get overlooked.
  • Well I have just registered so I havent got any payout
    the sites are onepoll, panelbase and lightspeed panel where Im quite far from the payout threshold, they do give actual money via paypal and BACS
    but i read somewhere that I need to register as self employed within 3 months so im confused now:mad::(
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  • JayenJayen Forumite
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    Sorry for posting in the wrong board im new around here:)
  • John_the_BoyJohn_the_Boy Forumite
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    In principle this is classed as earnings so should be declared and taxed. As emp-84 says if it is a small amount it probably would cost more to collect than the tax you would pay.
  • JayenJayen Forumite
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    Just another question since Im registered with 3 survey sites do I have say this in the self emplyed form or fill in 3 forms? since they are all different companies to which I have registered?

    how long is this process of declaring and is it worth it? Do i have to show proof of how I earned this any money I may make like keep an account for such little money? since I dont want to be filling in to many form every year and is it easy to stop this surveying and tell HMRM to remove me from self empleyed since Im only doing this till I get to uni?

    thanks for your help!
  • tyllwydtyllwyd Forumite
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    Your personal allowance is £6,475 - that is the threshold above which tax is due. So if your total earnings in the tax year are below that, your tax bill will be £0.

    I can't find any information on EMA but I would doubt that it is taxable.
  • The income that you get from the surverys would not, in my view be from self employment. It will be declared as "Other income not included on supplementary pages" (page 3 tax return). EMA is not taxable - HMRC even confirm this.
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    JayenJayen Forumite
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    So I should not register as self emplyed?
    just declare the income if I get any on the other income, by what time frame do I have to do this in?

    If I get paid in vouchers I do not need to declare this will this be true even when I save the money on my paypal account and then use it to purrchase online and not transfer to my bank account?
    I just called up HMRC and they said I do not need to declare this income or register since it is a minimal amount of money and would not push me over a tax limit so no need to declare this source of income

    Thanks I really appreciate your help guys!
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