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I just have to have a little gushing moment about the neighbours on my road and how they came out in force to give me a hand this morning in the drizzling rain...

I'm the proud owner of a tiny campervan, which is my only vehicle. Today I needed to drive it into work and then on to a play rehearsal, which is due to finish after the last train gets home.

Unfortunately, I had just changed the battery on it and given the old one to a needy cause under the belief that the replacement was much newer and more reliable, but when I went to start it this morning nothing happened at all. I do have RAC cover but only the basic level which doesn't include Homestart. When I called to ask about adding this cover, they quoted £81 :eek:.

Well, the chap from number 17 appeared with a set of jump leads and the lady from number 4 popped her car round to the back of mine so they could connect everything up... although the lights came onto the dashboard it wasn't enough to start the van.

So then the chap opposite my place got in and coasted backwards down the hill in an attempt to bump start it in reverse! That, too, failed, so he maneovered it into a disabled parking bay on the side of the road.

Number 17 got onto Googlemaps to see if the van was now far enough away to qualify for breakdown, and worked out that it wasn't but that it should be OK if we pushed it as far as the bank. In the meantime, number 4 called the Police to let them know that it was in the disabled bay broken down and gave contact information in case it was a problem to anyone.

Finally, the lady opposite declared that she could claim on her personal homestart cover with the AA and called them up. They couldn't come out for a couple of hours, so she left her husband to look after it and drove me to work (she wanted to do some shopping in town anyway).

Her husband texted me and I rang him back this afternoon - the AA man tested the battery, claimed that it was junk, and fitted a new one for £48 which he paid on my behalf (obviously I'll repay him tonight). He popped the car back on our road again!

And now Number 17 is going to pick me up from my play rehearsals later tonight... we'll stay up for hot chocolate and natters afterward :p

Obviously I'm extremely grateful for all of this effort on my behalf. As the chap from number 4 said, "we know you'd do the same for us". Do I live on the nicest road in Britain or what? :beer:
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    What fantastic neighbours, sounds very similar neighbourhood to mine and isn't lovely to know that despite what we read in the press and hear in the news that actually there are some lovely people out there who will go out of their way to help others.

    :beer: to your fantastic neighours
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    Brilliant story, what an awesome bunch!
    Living in an apartment block I have neighbours coming and going all the time and never get to know them very well, it's all a bit anonymous. I hope when I do settle down in a house somewhere that I'm surrounded by a few gems, and not too many nosy/noisy/nightmare neighbours!
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