Snacks for the whole family

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Hi there

I am a SAHM with 3 boys (12, 22 months and 7 months)
Now I, along with my eldest, am very partial to chocolate and anything else that is bad.
My almost teenage son is also starting to eat all the time and is constantly peckish - he also eats fruit so its not just rubbish he eats.

This "habbit" i realise is costing a bomb.

So i am looking for any ideas for snacks that the whole family can have, which are HM rather than bought. I do bake but it all gets eaten in a flash ( i am probably the most guilty for that) Also i was thinking maybe he could do with an extra small meal when he comes home from school.
Would be really greatful of any suggestions



  • tray bakes go down well in our house
    2 teens and a sweet toothed OH

    nigellas rocky road is good
    but i use smart price choc rather than her suggestion

    less than £1.50 ish for a whole hooge slab of rocky road
    we experiment with things to add rather than mallows too

    ooh and we use smart price digestives instead of tea biscuits for the base as well
    makes it more substantial
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    Brilliant, thank you
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    i agree tray bakes are a fantastic way to cook. also flapjacks, jam tarts, bakewell tarts , mini apple pies, twinks hobnobs, smartie cookies, infact any type of biscuit made at home is always delish. I often find tho because home amde is so nice it doesnt' last long.

    Rock cakes are easy , cheap and nice aparently( i make them, hubby says i make the best ever,lol. but i don't like them ) ginger bread people/shapes . choc brownies .

    what about home amde cheese scones, sausage rolls, cheese and tomatoe swirls. i know it is savory but it still is snack type food. or lunch box food's.
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    I like to have cheese scones or cheese straws, twinks Hobnobs, HM Sponge Cake, fairy cakes.
    Try searching for Weezl's Weetabix brownies - very nice :)

    Not so cheap but just as lush are cinammon buns - but very very very very more-ish :o
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  • as for the small meal I was having this idea with DD I found a piece of toast and a piece of fruit filled her up just enough to get through to dinner. I dimagine cornflake cakes would be quite cheap to make and filling as well
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    Rice crispy treats are so easy, and you could add dried fruit to make them a bit healthier, or chocolate for a treat.

    All you need is a big bag (approx 250-300g) of marshmallows, a blob (approx 1 tablespoon, but I never measure) of butter or marg, and a packet of (value) crispies, plain or choc. In a BIG pot, melt together the mallows and butter on a low to medium heat, stirring constantly. When melted, stir in your crispies (and anything else you are adding) until you can't get any more in - usually about 3/4 of a value bag. Do this quickly coz the mallows start to set and go sticky quite quickly. Dump it into a big, deep sided baking tray which has been lightly greased, smooth it over and press it quite firmly down and into the gaps with a lightly greased spatula and allow to set. Cut into squares and enjoy! If I am making this to take somewhere, I use the disposable foil trays for convenience - it usually fills 2 of the medium square ones. They seem to last a few days, but I have never kept them longer than this!

    Useful home made snack, which is low on fat - marshmallows have no fat in them, so the only fat is the bit of butter in the recipe which stops it setting too hard - the more you use the stickier the final squares will be! I am guessing you could do this with other cereals too if you have a healthier favourite.
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  • As a snack afterschool or for supper before bed, I usually make my girls a couple of crackers and cheese or a sandwich and a mug of hot chocolate in the winter as it warms them through.

    I make twinks hobnobs they are delicious but dont last long and a sponge cake and small fruit buns or a tray bake.
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    Hi pauleyc,

    These threads may help give you some ideas:

    cheap/ healthy snacks

    Really quick and easy/alternative snacks?

    Healthy snacks for kids

    Cheap snacks to fill up teenagers

    I'll add your thread to the first link later to keep the suggestions together.

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    Savoury Whirls
    Make up a batch of short crust pastry. (8 oz plain flour, 4 oz of mixed marg & lard)
    Roll out into a thin rectangle.
    Smear the surface with very thin layer of Bovril and sprinkle on a little grated cheese.
    Roll the pastry up into a lengthways Swiss roll. Cut into small circles.
    Bake on a tray in a hot oven for about 20 minutes until lightly brown.
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