So nearly a MFW

I just called C&G to find out our mortgage balance as I have been OPing a little (see sig). It's amazing as at the start of the year it was well over £241k, now it's £239,700.67.

That sub 240 bit has really spurred me on and I can't wait until the CC has gone then we can put all the CC payments towards the mortgage. Unfortunately, the CC was to pay stamp duty which, as my mum keeps reminding me will have saved us money in the long term rather than have it added to the mortgage, it still annoys me though!

And I start a new job in November with a pay rise, woohoo!

Does anyone else get days where they feel really optimistic about it all? Admittedly I get a lot more where it all just seems insurmountable but I'm savouring this one whilst I can!

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    Hello & welcome :j

    Well done on the OP's! Any small amount you OP will make a huge difference in the long run..
    Your mum is right, by not adding the stamp duty on the mortgage you have probably saved yourself a lot of money... Think about all the interest added on the stamp duty over the course of the mortgage!! :eek:

    I look forward to reading your progress

    Froggy G :rotfl:
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    Well done on your recent OP's.

    I feel for you on the stamp duty front, it seems so "unfair" doesn't it. We are currently looking for a new house and the stamp duty is always one thing that I conveniently seem to forget about !

    I'd never thought to put it on a interest free CC though, thanks for that idea.

    Good luck with your OP's

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