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  • IDProtected
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    I agree with BrandNewDay; you said you would pay for the food, so you shold pay for it. There are lots of things that could have made you ill, there is no saying it was the food at all.
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  • Toreador
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    Also, you cannot prove that it was that food that made you ill.

    Not after this long, but quite possible if something had been done at the time. Several years ago a group of us ate in a restaurant, 2 went down with salmonella the next day, it was quickly established that they had both eaten the same (egg-based) dessert (I tried ordering it too but luckily they got the last two portions!). They received high-3-figure compensation, and could have had a lot more if they'd got lawyers involved.
  • lackofbrain
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    but the police said that because we'd eaten most of it - I ate about 2/3rds of mine - we all had to pay.

    The police do not actually have the power to demand this. This is a classic example of petty police power abuse. It happens all the time and should not be tollerated any more than the big abuses. If you have the names of the police involved (and ideally their badge numbers) and it was less than a year ago file a formal complaint. Nothing will com of it because the complaints system is even more broken than the police themselves, but sheer weight of numbers may eventually change the police force back into a police service.

    To get back on topic... I would refuse to pay and send a letter explaining why, in French is possible, and if they push it after that threaten to go to their local papers with your story.
  • sloggie
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    As an hotelier I have strong views on this:-
    1. You entered a contract to pay so you should have done
    2. If there was a problem with the food you should have dealt with it at the time.
    3.Who said you got ill from the food in the restaurant. Did you have stool samples analysed - that's the only sure way to work out what was wrong with you? It could have been lunch, afternoon tea etc. I once served a dinner function for 150 people and over 60 were ill the next day. We were blamed. Rigorous testing and investigation revealed the problem to be in the works canteen and not our hotel.
  • wiganshale
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    Personally, I wouldn't feel any moral obligation to pay for being given food poisoning but it's a moot point in this case, as under new legislation, you are at risk, because it didn't happen in this Country. Don't pay and the Police could knock on your door and cart you off to a French Court to face French justice, where the burden off proof of innocence is on the accused. Let's face it; The French would consider it a matter of national honour to defend their cooking (cuisine!) and lock you up for keeps. Safer to pay up and decide not to visit France again.
  • Nemesis201077
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    You should have discussed your disappointment with the food at the time. This serves 3 purposes:
    1) They should remove your dishes and provide you with better
    2) The restaurant can take measures to improve the food
    3) An agreement can be made at the time regarding payment/discounts if required.

    If people don't complain to restaurants, they are never going to know the customer is disatisfied and cannot improve.

    You are still obliged to pay what you feel the meal is worth.

    As you left the restaurant agreeing to make full payment you should pay the full amount, perhaps sending a letter about the illness. If the restaurant are made aware of the illness they may refund some or all of the payment. They may be unaware that something is wrong and could potentially make other people ill unless they are informed.

    Also, can you bee 100% sure the food from that restaurant made you ill? It may be from water, including ice cubes & that which salads have been washed in, for example
  • PoorPennilessMe
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    The answer is very straightforward here...

    You committed to paying without raising a complaint about the poor quality of the food, so you should pay!

    I personally would send a communication (email/letter) confirming payment, but also raising a complaint about the quality of the food, and suspicions of it making your party ill. I would include any medical evidence that you may have.

    I would close the communication by stating that as you have behaved honourably by paying the bill as promised, that you expect them to behave in the same way... See what happens!
  • Talent
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    Pay the bill now. You should have complained at the time. If you don't pay, the restaurant can report you for non payment and in the worst case a warrant could be issued. Could be nasty. Pay up.
  • dawsar
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    Definately don't pay. What are they going to do, chase you for it? The meal was rubbish and you were all ill as a consequence. Chalk it off to an experience hopefully never to be repeated.
  • chog24
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    scotsbob wrote: »
    You gave your word, so you pay.

    If your word means nothing and you have no moral worth then I guess you would avoid paying.[/LEFT]

    Hear hear!

    However, you should certainly let the restaurant know that a lot of people fell ill after eating there, because they should know that they need to look into whether their food might have caused the illness.
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