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MSE News: Train fares set to rise in January

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The building society today launched a tax-free savings account which guarantees to beat the rise in the cost of living ..."


  • robt_2robt_2 Forumite
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    Think you have the wrong quote inserted...
  • MobeerMobeer Forumite
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    'Regulated' train fares (those listed above) are set every January based on the previous July's RPI figure plus one percentage point.
    The maximum increase is 3% + RPI for South Eastern, so potentially 8%.
  • _ollie__ollie_ Forumite
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    Is it worth having topics on what the fare rise "might" be? Shouldn't just wait until it's actually confirmed...
  • _ollie__ollie_ Forumite
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    lil-smeg wrote: »
    I think it's a good ideal pre posting ticker rises as this gives you advance warning to re plan budgets etc :D
    But surely can only plan budgets when the rise has actually been confirmed, rather than speculation?
  • lee636lee636 Forumite
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    People will still pay it and still have to pay it.
  • property.advertproperty.advert Forumite
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    Captive audience.
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    gbgeer43gbgeer43 Forumite
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    This is something that really irritates me. The train companies have pretty much noone to answer to.

    3 years ago I was paying £9.90 return for my daily commute, it now costs £15.50 and will surely increase further come January.

    Season tickets work out about 20% more expensive for my working hours, since you're also paying for weekend travel, peak time every day and I normally work from home 1-2 days per week.

    Since last year it's been cheaper for me to drive to work than to use public transport. So I now drive when I need to be in before 9. Takes about the same amount of time to drive, its door to door, I can sit down, departs whenever I want and I don't have to sit with the general public.
    You would think the gov would want to get people using public transport. I hold the opinion that transportation is a sort of social good, in the country's interest as a whole. Like educating the population and keeping them healthy.

    South Eastern trains actually dared to complain that passenger numbers were down at the start of the year!

    Shocking news, yet not exactly surprising.
  • chuckleychuckley Forumite
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    THEY rise every january. this isnt something new. however i personally cant complain as southern have increased train frequency on certain routes and the East LDN line is up and running.
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