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'I thought the gap in my teeth’d closed but it was just chilli...' blog discussion

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  • Jenny sounds like good fun: I hope the rest of the crew at MSE Towers are just as funny. :)
    Please call me 'Pickle'
    No More Buying Books: ???
    No More Buying DVDs: ???
    NMB Toiletries ??? and I've gone back for my Masters at the University of Use Ups!
    roud to be dealing with her debts 1198~

  • ThinkingOfLinkingThinkingOfLinking Forumite
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    Awww, bless. I had braces for 8 years (both the smelly, speech-impeding retainers and the traintracks) so I feel your pain, Jenny!!
  • heaven_scentheaven_scent Forumite
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    I think she's gorgeous either way!;)
  • jobbingmusicianjobbingmusician Forumite
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    This is obviously an indispensible phrase for any modern English phrasebook.

    Together with my gem of last week, tangentially related, 'My toothbrush is plugged into the bandsaw socket.'
    I was a board guide here for many years, but have now resigned. Amicably, but I think it reflects very poorly on MSE that I have not even received an acknowledgement of my resignation! Poor show, MSE.

    This signature was changed on 6.4.22. This is an experiment to see if anyone from MSE picks up on this comment.
  • I was made to wear braces when I was younger to close the gap in my teeth. It was the ones I could take out so I stopped wearing them and lived with the gap as it seemed to bother the dentist more than it bothered me! Years later my dentist closed it using white filling material built up onto either tooth - and all for free because it was during a pregnancy when treatment is free. It was temporary until I decided if I wanted to pay for veneers but 6 years later and it still looks good.
  • gocatgocat Forumite
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    How do you get braces on the NHS :question:
  • Hi just to let you know that some gaps close naturally over time. I had a gap between my front teeth for years and then one day I realised it had gone! I must be a late developer as I did not lose my last milk tooth until I was 18!:D
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