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  • Winky,_The_House_Elf
    Lol! I fall slap bang in the typical demographics of being female aged 36!
    Right now I'm having amnesia and deja- vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before
  • stesciuba
    Love the stat, 98% of the people on your page are male or female...the other 2% are what? confused?:rotfl:
  • lsm1066
    lsm1066 Posts: 12 Forumite
    This probably has as much to do with who spends the money and on what as anything else. I would say that if you ran a quick straw poll, most of the people who make the spending decisions with regard to food shopping, utilities, clothes, insurance etc would probably be women. So they'd probably have more of a vested interest in money saving ideas.

    Alternatively, Mrs MSE actually does have something to worry about :D
  • Edinburghlass_2
    Edinburghlass_2 Posts: 32,680 Forumite
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    I lied about my age on Facebook :)
  • Tigsteroonie
    Tigsteroonie Posts: 24,954 Forumite
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    I haven't really started a FB group called "I fancy Martin Lewis" ..... but judging by the responses on FB, I might have to now :p
    :heartpuls Mrs Marleyboy :heartpuls

    MSE: many of the benefits of a helpful family, without disadvantages like having to compete for the tv remote

    :) Proud Parents to an Aut-some son :)
  • jeanmd
    jeanmd Posts: 2,361 Forumite
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    edited 2 August 2010 at 12:47PM
    I haven't really started a FB group called "I fancy Martin Lewis" ..... but judging by the responses on FB, I might have to now :p

    Hmm, Martin Lewis or Simon Cowell? Martin Lewis or Simon Cowell? Martin Lewis or Simon Cowell? :money:
    A couple of years younger or toyboy??????

    Either would be nice, shhhhh, just don't tell my OH. :p
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  • andyb215
    andyb215 Posts: 10 Forumite
    hehe im in the 0% aged 13-17 :D :rotfl:
  • murphydog999
    murphydog999 Posts: 1,598 Forumite
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    Sorry to go off topic a second, but are there any stats for this site? Do you know location of users and which part of the country participates most and least? (There seems to be an awful lot of Scottish people!!) etc etc?
  • Percy1983
    Percy1983 Posts: 5,244 Forumite
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    I wonder how that compares to to total percentage of male and female facebook users, from people I know almost all womon are on there where a lot blokes aren't.
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  • bunking_off
    bunking_off Posts: 1,264 Forumite
    Being male in early 40s, I don't know a solitary male who uses Facebook. My wife and her friends, though, are on the thing all the time. If that's the general demographic for Facebook usage, then it explains Martin's demographics...
    I really must stop loafing and get back to work...
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