hi help selling cooking apples - car boot

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I have a huge tree of cooking apples and need dosh I was thinking where could I sell them, what do you think, it will be raining here tomorrow but thinking of going to a car boot. How much would I charge and I was going to use old plastic bags ...what do you think?


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    I think these may well be organically grown in your own orchard in the English countryside and therefore sell at a premium price. If they are, then I think that as you approach the car boot sale some mud may accidentally splash onto your number plate and partially obscure it. That's what I think.
  • Thanks scotsbob.They def are organic, never a spray or anything else near them! I don't know why mud would be advantageous - would I be doing something wrong - I could just tell people they are from our garden and we have never used chemicals.
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    When selling food at a car boot I think you need some sort if licence and register with your local environmental health office, however I am not sure how it would work with fruit. As stated I'm not 100% sure on this but hopefully someone else might be of more help to you.

    If you do get the go ahead and are allowed to sell the apples, which btw I think is a great Idea :) perhaps you could approach a local supermarket and ask if they have any fuit/veg boxes that you can have.

    I got given some by my local supermarket when I was moving and the way they were structured means that you could break them down into smaller sizes, tape them back up and put the apples in them. This way they would look nicely displayed and also means they would be safer when transporting them in the car and less would get bruised.

    Just a though and I hope I have helped in some way Good Luck :)
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    Unless you have scales certified for trade you are not allowed to sell by weight, you will have to sell per bag or per apple.
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    Never mind organic/premium price, you need to shift them.
    I just bought 4 for a £1 at Morrisons.

    Wrapped in newspaper and stored in a dry place they'll keep for ages anyway :)
    Good luck!
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    Are they ready yet?? I think you may be picking a little to soon.
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