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Hi there, Just a couple of questions regarding an IPOQ form I just recieved after informing the OR about a change in circumstances. In part 1 Your Dependants it asks for the number of dependant children in age group. My daughter who is 23 lives with us and is working and contributes to the household income so do I class her as a dependant child of 18 and over? I also have a step son who doesn't live with us but is dependant on my husband as he is only 12 and my husband pays maintenance for him......so do Ialso put my step son down as a dependant on me? Lastly, I have just recently started a part time job and have to inform the OR what my pay will be, I am unsure what to say as I had my first pay last week but it was only for 3 weeks so I don't really know what my full monthly pay is going to be.....what should I write in the box YOUR USUAL TAKE HOME PAY? Hope this is not too confusing, many thanks in advance.


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    Hi Kitten, unsure of some of the answers.....just bumping you up the board x
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    I don't think you can class a 23 year old who contributes to the household as dependant. As for the income you could guestimate what your new income will be and be sure to say it is an estimate - for exact figures you could get back to them - or you could email the OR and ask before submitting the form.

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