help for parents please!

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My dad is an electrivcian and has been struggling to get work. In the last few weeks its really picked up and hes been getting paid each week which is great.

The trouble is, as soon as some money goes into the bank, they take loads of it in charges before paying his bills so nothing is still not getting paid.

Do you think it would be best to open a new basic bank account and set all his bills up on that acct and get his wages paid into there? And then leave the other account for a bit, and cancel all dd and SO on that account? He could go to the bank and get this sorted tomorrow I think.

Hes a bit clueless about what to do, and I really want to help him as much as possible, hes kind of just ignoring it which is not gettign us anywhere! I think Im going to get him to at least write down what needs paying and when, and also get him all the details for cccs and get him to give them a call this week, as we are thinking maybe a dmp might be a good solution?

Sorry I know this isnt BR but you guys are so helpful I thought I'd post here, hope you dont mind x

Thanks xx


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    Don't mind at all.

    Get him to ring the Co-op and open a Cashminder or pop into Barclays and open a Cash account and move his DD's etc. across.

    And definatly get intouch with CCCS or National Debtline.
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    I would ring the bank or go in with him. They need to stop applying charges on top of charges. Even if you open an account elsewhere, if the old account is in arrears, which it sounds like it is, then they will still keep charging. You need to stop the cycle.
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    Sometimes you can get it changed to a mangaed loan to pay back monthly and stop the excessive charges
    Hi, im Debtinfo, i am an ex insolvency examiner and over the years have personally dealt with thousands of bankruptcy cases.
    Please note that any views i put forth are not those of my former employer The Insolvency Service and do not constitute professional advice, you should always seek professional advice before entering insolvency proceedings.
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