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£328 parking fine

hi guys look i know its my fault but i buried my head in the sand and ended up with a 35 ticket going up to 328 pound, is there any way i could reduce this figure as i have had to pay it out of my wedding savings as im due to get married in september, as i said i know its my fault this has happened so please dont kick me while im down feel bad enough as it is, cheers matt


  • peter_the_piperpeter_the_piper Forumite
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    Facts please, no-one can give advice until they know exactly what the problem is.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
  • CoblcrisCoblcris Forumite
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    If this is a Council PCN then I fear you have problems.
    If this is from a Private Parking Company then I suspect that you have no problems at all.

    Which is it ?
  • gonk69gonk69 Forumite
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    its a council parking ticket, so looks like i just have to pay up, cheers anyway guys, matt
  • muckybuttmuckybutt Forumite
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    Woah not so fast sunny jim ways and means ways and means as they say.

    Post details / photos on here or on pepipoo and im sure we'll be able to get it put back to the initial £35, DONT pay anything till you have had further advice.

    If its got to Bailiff stage this can be put back to the original ammount, but you have to help us to help you by posting ALL the details etc.
    You may click thanks if you found my advice useful
  • gonk69gonk69 Forumite
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    well im a bit embarrsed to say but me and my partner both got a council parking ticket, my partner suffers from depression so i said i would sort them out, but i was putting them off hoping that i could deal with them after we were married and back from our honeymoon, i totally except that the fines were my fault but its going to ruin my wedding and honey moon as in total they were nearly 700 pounds, i paid one as the baliff threatened to take our cars, please could you tell me any info you need because i will gladly get it, i would be really gratefull if anyone could help me, cheers matt
  • CoblcrisCoblcris Forumite
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    If you received all the requisite paperwork then there is little anyone can do I fear.
    Did you receive NTO, Charge Certificate and Order for Recovery ?
  • gonk69gonk69 Forumite
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    yes they sent all the letters of intent, i just hoped to sort it out after my wedding, cheers
  • CoblcrisCoblcris Forumite
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    The bailiff's will not wait for you.

    Do not keep ignoring this. Bailiff's charges will ramp up swiftly and to an eye watering amount.

    I recommend you you google
    bailiff advice online
    it is an excellent source of advice.
    I have no connection with that site, I do not benefit from anyone using it. This is not an advertisement or spam, it is a recommendation based purely on the expertise behind that site.
  • gonk69gonk69 Forumite
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    thanks guys, im just gonna pay up and learn a very hard lesson, once again thankyou, cheers matt
  • sarahg1969sarahg1969 Forumite
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    gonk69 wrote: »
    thanks guys, im just gonna pay up and learn a very hard lesson, once again thankyou, cheers matt

    Have you done any of the things that have been recommended to you?
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