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'How many times? "If your bank says no to PPI reclaiming...' blog discussion

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  • What on earth is PNEUMONIC - something to remember your tyres by...:rotfl:

    Surely you mean MNEMONIC :cool2:
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    Incidentally, is there any punishment the Ombudsman can dish out to banks who reject blatantly obvious cases of PPI misselling?
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    SacreVert wrote: »
    What on earth is PNEUMONIC - something to remember your tyres by...:rotfl:

    Surely you mean MNEMONIC :cool2:

    Ooops - will change :)
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  • surely you mean MNEMONIC
  • The banks seem to be getting a taste of their own medicine, I guess some of it is down to you. About time.
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    I can only assume that many who claim to have read your invaluable and easy to understand guides to reclaiming haven't actually done so.

    The number of questions posed on the forums that I can answer by directly quoting from your guides astounds me.

    In regard to reclaiming PPI, your article has for years said:
    Step 3 If all else fails complain to the FOS

    If someone fails to see this, what's the chances they'll fail to see any mnemonic too?
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    Maybe people would remember it if your rhyme scanned better. ;)
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