Advice re overpayments or savings

Evening all,

I currently have a mortgage of 57K (3 year discounted/flexible deal @ 4.94%), house value is approx 145k.

I have 6k in 2 ISA's and 4K in a 4.75% savings account.

I can make overpayments (as much as I like as long as it isn't redeemed in full) but would it be sensible to make such overpayments (as much as I am allowed) for the next 3 years or just keep making the standard DD payments and keep saving.

In 3-5 years time I also plan to be able to have enough equity in the house (approx. 125k) to be able to sell up, buy some land, do a self build and be completely MF or at least only have one for 15k to 20k-ish.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

PS - Have read the mortgage vs savings thread but would still appreciate some comments.



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