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My uncle received this ticket by post on the 23rd June 2010.
He basically literally drove out of the car park and realised he hasn't set up his TomTom to go home. He stopped where it is shown on the photo and got out and got the TomTom from his boot and set it up and off he go. It literally took him 2-3 mins.

Surely this isnt allowed? he wasnt waiting for anyone or loading or anything. he just forgot to get his tomtom out.

Could anyone give their views in how we can appeal and on what grounds.


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    Unfortunately, stopping there to get something out of his boot is unloading. The double lines and double kerb stripes are there to prevent people from stopping there at all, except for allowing passengers to board or alight. Had passengers been noted (without the unloading and loading of tom-tom), then no contravention would have occurred.

    The offence code takes note of this: Simply parking there and leaving the car would be a code 01, where loading may be a defence if not prohibited. As loading was prohibited, they are throwing code 02 at you as evidence of loading would stand up more than evidence of parking.

    Best course of action would have been to sort out the tom-tom whilst in the car park, or continue to a parking bay (or even a yellow line without loading restriction) to unload and load the tom-tom.
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    ish wrote: »
    Could anyone give their views in how we can appeal and on what grounds.

    If you show the back of the PCN as well then there may be flaws in the wording that could lead to an appeal. Worth a look I think.

    Also, I recall from pepipoo fightback forums that Ealing sometimes make errors in their rejection letters and maybe in the Notice to Owner when it arrives too. See this case for a classic example where they've stated that a person has to pay or appeal 'by the date of service of this letter (!):


    And here's another pepipoo.com thread where Ealing have messed up the NTO:


    So let's see the back of the PCN and then it's your Dad's call as it's his money. Personally I would always appeal a Council PCN even if I was 'bang to rights' because of the very likely chance of the Council making a mess later on, of the rejection letter and/or NTO!
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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