Online services enrage me sometimes ><

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Trying to buy digital media (mostly music) online, without DRM has always been a challenge. However, I also find that living in the UK is also a disability.

For example, album I want is available on the US iTunes (can't stand iTunes, but that is another story), but not on the UK one. This happens to so many different albums I want.

I could buy a physical disc, but:
1) It usually costs more
2) I don't want a physical disc: waste of materials, space taken up etc...

The thing is, I could pirate it within seconds, as could anyone else with an internet connection.

I want to pay for my music, but unless I'm missing something, the services just aren't there yet.

Yes, I'm venting. But what are your thoughts on this? Anyone else annoyed by the lack of parity?


  • DCFC79
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    it seems the artist hasnt released any of her work over here as the management dont seem to think theres a market, who is the artist by the way
  • Trunk_z
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    I assumed they did have stuff released here, as the CD is available. The band in this case is Automatic Loveletter.

    However, the same happens with more mainstream bands, such as Dashboard Confessional - They have all except their latest album available in MP3 for purchase in the UK. In the end I caved though, after a year of waiting for the digital files, I just bought the disc.
  • Kargo
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    I completely agree, I like a lot of European music and I wanted to download a new album from a Swedish singer but was outraged that it was not available on the UK iTunes store or any legal download sites, yet my friend managed to download it within 2 minutes through a Rapidshare link.

    I just think if this country want to do something about the music industry, they need to make sure that most content is available for us to download so that we dont ever need to seek pirate sites.
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    These often have non UK listed artists available -


    And try Bandcamp.

    Just google them.
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  • Trunk_z
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    Thanks for the links =]

    They don't have the particular band, but it at least gives me more options. I'm also glad that more and more people are going DRM free, DRM is another strong dislike of mine.

    The timeframe between the US getting releases and the UK getting releases is tightening though, which I'm also happy about. Things on Sky even on at nearly the same time, although not overtaking when the US have their random breaks. I fear war would be declared if we were to overtake with a series!
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    Emusic - - is another good one for non-UK artists. I've found some really good soul and Americana albums on there, that you can't find elsewhere. You have to pay a monthly subscription, but can cancel at any time. There's 45 songs free for when you first sign up.
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  • cmayos
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    It costs an artist hardly anything to add another country to their iTunes distribution I can't understand why the stuff in the States isn't available over here.
  • Kite2010
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    cmayos wrote: »
    It costs an artist hardly anything to add another country to their iTunes distribution I can't understand why the stuff in the States isn't available over here.

    It's normally down to record labels, either not wanting to release an album in other countries just yet (as in they have plans to have a massive promotional push with the artist in a couple months time) or they can't sell outside certain countries.

    At least DRM (for music) is pretty much dead and gone :D
  • bobmanuk
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    I buy US itunes cards on line that allows me to download any US content. There is a good site at that sells cards from US and lots of different countries.
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