Parking Eye, Dartford, meter took my money but i got no ticket now i have a pcn!!

hi just wondered if anyone had a any suggestions I parked in a retail Car park (covering bnq, asda, tk maxx etc) and initially you get two free hours parking. ten minutes before the two free hours expired i went back to put some money in the meter to extend my stay.

I put in five pound which is for 2 free hours (which id already used and 2 additional hours) but the meter swallowed my money and i did not get a ticket back. I phoned parking eye right there in front of the meter (my friend has a copy of her phone bill as proof) and they assured me i would not be fined and she took details of my reg and name.

Lo and behold i did receive a fine and numerous phone calls and one strongly worded letter later i am still battling them. all they keep saying is my appeal was unsuccessful, how can that be!! i have proof that i rang them, surely their meter was £5 up that day, i just dont know what to next i refuse to pay when im not in the wrong. help:eek:


  • Its a scam, these tickets are not enforceable at all, they are just invoices , this company will not take you to court because they would lose, just file the letter and the others you will get, and just sit back and laugh at the despairing letters off them and their bogus debt collecters.
    Excel Parking, MET Parking, Combined Parking Solutions, VP Parking Solutions, ANPR PC Ltd, & Roxburghe Debt Collectors. What do they all have in common?
    They are all or have been suspended from accessing the DVLA database for gross misconduct!
    Do you really need to ask what kind of people run parking companies?
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    Why are you bothering?! Lo and behold you did NOT receive a valid fine.

    They are just scammers! Of course they have denied your 'appeal' because the appeal itself isn't real either. This con is on a par with phishing emails and you wouldn't reply to those would you?!

    As taffy rightly says, private tickets are not real PCNs and you don't have to pay them! :D

    These scammers get your details from the DVLA which is allowed (shocking I know). For £2.50 the DVLA sell on motorists' private details to private parking companies and you cannot opt out. There's tons on the internet about this issue and about Parking Eye, Google them and look for forum posts on here,, consumer action group, all of which will tell you the same thing:


    Watchdog covered this last month, and their legal bod helpfully confirmed what we already know on here about what to do with fake parking tickets (whether you have 'contravened their rules' or not):


    The registered keeper will receive debt collector letters demanding payment. Do not panic, do not believe the lies on the letters about Court/CCJs/dire consequences. See examples here of what to ignore:

    Relax and forget about it, even if you get more letters (as per our examples, we can predict you'll get the same). But to be proactive - if the scam letters get tiresome - you may like to report the company and their debt collectors for harassment:

    But don't forget this is NOT a debt, NOT a fine, just a mickey mouse ticket. Nothing happens, your credit record is NOT affected, so don't fall for this con. Finally, tell your friends!
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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    For a start it's not a "fine" and of course the "appeal" was unsuccessful. It's not an independent process, and they would lose money if they allowed these "appeals". Just ignore these scammers and do not contact them again. They will eventually give up and try and con some other sucker.
    What part of "A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo" don't you understand?
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    I put in five pound which is for 2 free hours (which id already used and 2 additional hours) but the meter swallowed my money and i did not get a ticket back.

    If that isn't proof that Parking Eye are crooks then what is? I would guess that the "meter" is just a slot with a bucket behind it!

    As the other posters have advised, IGNORE!
  • Thanks guys you've all put my mind at ease, i have emailed my local paper about these scammers though coz i think they need to be sorted out once and for all but we shall see what happens (prob nothing lol) :j
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