MSE News: Pension age to rise earlier than planned



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    I totally support the decision. I also think they should scrap the state pension and make it means completely tested. The only viable model going forward will be for everyone to save for their own pension throughout their working life. They can make it mandatory for everyone to contribute something to their own pension and for their employer to contribute something too. Those who don't have enough pension when they retire can claim for the means tested pension.

    Expecting the next generation to pay for your retirement is not a good idea.
    That's fair enough as long as you give people a lifetimes notice that this will happen and convince the rest of the world that the UK can't afford this without triggering a sell off in UK debt and credibility. In other words, if the UK can't afford to pay its pensioners a reasonable non means tested pension then we have taken a massive step backwards as a so called developed nation.
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