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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
Spotify (Link)

If you've used Spotify, we'd love to know how it was for you, so we can improve the guide. Click reply to leave your feedback.

To read about online music streaming in general, read the main
Free Online Music guide

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Now back to the original post...


I just got into Spotify recently, and its brilliant.

Recommend it strongly to everyone. Way better than the likes of Jango.


  • Rich_Grant
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    Spotify is truly amazing! I've been using it for the last year now. I pay for the premium subscription which gives me higher quality streaming, offline playlists and, of course, access to my account on my iPhone & Android mobiles. :beer:
  • Beatlefan
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    I love Spotify because it gives me the chance to try out artists and albums I'd never normally hear. I buy the music mags like Mojo, The Word and Uncut and have often felt frustrated cos I couldn't afford to buy the new CDs they recommend each month - especially without being able to hear them first.

    Now I try lots of new stuff through Spotify, which is great for me as a big music fan. If I really like an album, I pop it into my Amazon wish list (useful storage space, even if you end up buying cheaper elsewhere later) and buy it when I can afford to.

    The artist gets some revenue from Spotify for the listens and I get to discover some great new music! Win-win!
    Big thanks to Martin Lewis for helping us start to sort out our finances!!!:A

    Best Comp win:X-Box 360!!

    And thank you to all posters! You're wonderful!
  • smileybetty
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    I didn't realise that the artists get revenue, that makes it guilt free so will use it more often. It's really good to listen to tracks before purchasing them, quite often I buy an album as there are one or two songs that I like and the rest is not so good.
  • smileybetty
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    How much is the premium subscription? Does that mean you don't get the adverts?
  • dreamylittledream
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    £10 per month gets you offline playlists (downloads the music to your computer effectivly), 320kps streaming, no ads and free use on your iphone/android phone/ipad or ipod touch using wifi. You also get the odd prerelease exclusive - Tired Pony's debut alsbum (Gary from Snow Patrol and Peter Buck from R.E.M's new band) was available on spotify a week before it was released on monday (rather good it is too).

    Its well worth it really - actually far more convienient and easy then piracy amazingly - everyone's a winner
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  • MSE_Sarah
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    MSE Staff
    Thanks for all your feedback so far. Please keep adding to this thread if you have any other thoughts or comments on Spotify.

    MSE Sarah
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  • jonesMUFCforever
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    I use the free Spotify and have had premium in the past.
    I don't listen to that much music to justify £10 per month but I have signed up for the offers of £9.99 for 3 months more than once.

    My main complaint is the black background which IMO is hideous but there seems no way of changing it.
  • mabelcable
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    I agree about the black background it makes it very difficult to navigate especially on a laptop. I have signed up for the 3 months for £1 deal which is great value.
  • cuchullin34
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    I have used Spotify Premium for a year now. It is fine for the average user who only listens now and again, although I have noted some bugs. Sometimes tracks go missing from your favourite albums, and there seems to be little logic as to who is regarded as the artist.

    I Listen to a lot of classical music so it is important to me whether the artist is the composer or the performer.

    I tried naxos music library which is supposed to be designed for classical listeners, but found it wasn't worth the extra money. The monthly rate was £17.40 per month and the bitrate that gave you was 64 kbps compared to Spotify premium's 320kbps. Also there was a gap between tracks, unlike Spotify which was seamless.

    My main gripe with Spotify is the download limit of 3333 tracks per device for a maximum of 3 devices. Classical albums often have up to 30 tracks, which gives you a maximum of about 100 albums per device. It wouldn't be so bad if I could have 10000 tracks on the one device.

    Another problem I have with Spotify premium is that you can't download albums on the desktop without first converting them into playlists. Unlike my saved albums I can't filter saved playlists. I have about 300 saved albums, and so if I want to view saved albums by bach I can apply the filter 'bach' to my saved albums. The playlists appear to the left of the screen in no particular order and can't be filtered. 300 playlists would be a lot to search through manually.

    Up until now I have listened to my classical albums by streaming them. I have already used the download limit on my tablet for other music. For classical music I want the 320kbps premium rate I get on my laptop. I doubt I would get very good quality listening on my tablet, even if connected to my thx speakers.

    I have recently been told by my service provider that I have used 80% of my 30gb data allowance. If I go over my limit, I will have to pay an extra £7.50 each month I go over.

    If I stick with Spotify then I will have to convert my saved albums into playlists I can download. As well as the fact I cannot filter these playlists, I think I will go over the download limit for my laptop before long.

    It is for these reasons I expect I will switch to apple music before too long. This has a download limit of 100 000 songs.

    Brian McGill
  • jonesMUFCforever
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    I don't disagree with what you say long on average does a piece or track of classical music last?

    At an average of 5 minutes 3333 tracks would last 16665 minutes or 277 hours! When do you have time to listen to all of that?
    You cannot seriously like every track that you stream - delete some from your playlists?
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