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So, I'm trying to set up my phone that I can access my google.mail. I've done it for Hotmail, and yahoo, why should this be any different?

Grrrrrr - because Vodafone have decided that googlemail lives behind the 'content control bar' designed to protect under 18's.

My options
-use a credit card to verify I am over 18 (costs a non-refundable pound, and then I get credited with ₤2.50 on my bill.)
-trundle in to the store and get the bar lifted. (not clear if I still have to pay.)

OK - why is googlemail considered 'adult'? (Oh, and if anyone from Vodaphone had answered the phone, I wouldn't need to be venting here!:mad: )
I don't want adult content on my phone - I just want my email. And being a good MSEer, I don't need the extra credit, because I stay within my calling plan.

And iceing on the cake - front page of vodaphone mobile is pushing a rap download for sale. Anyone want to guess the lyrics? :eek:

And now I suppose I'm off to the shop. Grrrrr.


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    Gmail is well known for adult "spam"...
    They just seem to be protecting themselves from potential claims i would say
    The word is BOUGHT, not BROUGHT.
    You ask for ADVICE not ADVISE.
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