Anybody getting bombarded with mail by supposed clairvoyants and Astologers?

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My husband has been receiving letters that all say he's going to win loads of money but only they can help him get it.

For anyone out there who might be thinking of responding to any of these - DON'T!! You just get more and more letters.
I'll never be a Money Saving Expert while my kids are Mony Spending Experts.


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    keep him away from Damart then!
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    Have you suggested he register with the Mailing Preference service?
  • Hi Toots,
    My Dad too is inundated with all that and more. He lost thousands on a fake lottery scam, then thousands more on fake shares. I thought I'd managed to get him under control and realise he was on a sucker list and be careful with his post and telephone, then when checking his statement while he was on holiday (naughty, but the only way I felt I could help) I found that he'd been sending off around six hundred pounds a month to various scams. He's seventy four and, no matter how hard I try, just doesn't get it.
    I've asked for help from his bank, the post office, and the police but to no avail. I've even printed out leaflets and articles from the internet naming the companies that he's involved with. :confused: All I can do is keep plugging away and hope something clicks before he loses everything!
    PS The mailing and telephone preference services are of no use as these mailings aren't from genuine companies.
  • My Dad "understood" that they were scams too. What he did then, and what a lot of people in his circumstances apparently do, is hide all the letters from me. I'm not saying that's the case with your Dad, but it might be worth checking up on him. The scams come in many varieties and change all the time!
    Good Luck!
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    My dad died two weeks ago and is still getting letters saying how "lucky" he is going to be.

    Wow - what a gift of clairvoyance!!!!!
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  • Hi Toots,
    My Dad had a disputed credit card transaction from a company in Amsterdam. Fortunately he was right on it, and got a refund. He'd given out his credit card number to a company that had called and they'd taken money off his card under a different name. Those company names on your Dad's statements are possibly the same person or group of people passing around the details. They'll take small amounts at a time and will hopefully acrue more cash over time without the credit card company getting suspicious and checking with the card owner.
    We're dealing with some of the world's best con artists and with little or no help.
    In Australia their mail service blocks any dodgy mail before it gets to the householder. It's a shame our own mail service is more concerned with the profits that they're making off these criminals.
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    South Wales Constabulary were investigating these parasites a few years ago, not sure whether or not they still are but you could check by asking at your local police station. These letters are illegal, they also tend to send them out to housing association and council houses thinking that the tenants will not have a lot of money, or are elderly, so if they sent £30 they will win the lottery - er not. I can across an elderly lady recently who has been sending money to one of these and waiting for her win but she can't send any more money as she has none left. These so called clairvoyants are as psychic as a lead brick. Don't reply to them otherwise they will know they have hit correctly and will bombard you with more and more and more. They were also featured on Watchdog too but quite a few years ago now. Chuck them in the bin and tell dad not to worry, nothig bad is going to happen if he doesn't reply.
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    The recent psychics fair has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.
    Happy chappy
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    It makes me despair of the human race sometimes with all these criminals ripping off people. If they are that good at running a business why not operate a legitimate company instead of trying to steal from the less fortunate? I hope these con-artists get what they deserve and get locked up for a long time, with all their ill-gotten gains confiscated. I know it's unlikely to happen , but we can live in hope.
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    I saw it coming and was able to stop mine !!
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