A free loan for your new utility company!

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Mortgage-free Glee!
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A word of caution for MSE subscibers when changing utility company.

After I had set up my standing order British Gas wanted to take more than twice the amount of what I had previously paid.

Thus amounting as a free loan to themselves!

Needless to say I have put them right and will be watching them closely!
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    Lets be honest, they guessed at what you were likely to use. They have a duty to over estimate rather than underestimate. This is to ensure that they don't allow a customer to fall into debt.

    If you know the correct amount you need to pay, then they'll correct this.

    It's like blaming them if u have a credit balance part way thru the year. either a credit or debit bal will be achieved during the year depending on the time u start the DD. This is due to the usage not being constant during the year.

    Start it b4 a winterit'll always be in debit, start it b4 a summer it'll always be in credit.

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  • How do you jusify that they have a duty to over estimate? I supplied thier salesman with copies of my previous bills which it seems to me they chose to ignore.

    Do they asume that every customer who uses more fuel than estimated will not pay the bill in full?

    This pratice of overestimating seems to go on through the Utility industries and surely it must be easy and cheaper to raise extra money through niave customers rather than go to the banks.

    Take the advice from Martin keep a regular check on your bill especialy those estimated ones!
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    The reason that they over estimate is because they have a duty not 2 allow the customer to fall into debt.

    Think about it, which is easier
    1) To claim back an overpayment, when u check the est read.
    2) to have to find the money to pay them as they have charged u 2 little.

    Yes as u say, make sure u check those est bills. It is our duty to make sur ethe bills are correct as much as it is theirs.

    I say what I like, I like what I say!
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