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    aww bless you Martin I watched your bit on watchdog tonight and lol'd at how totally relieved you were to find that lady with the nationwide card!

    Didn't notice the ripped shirt but the rest makes sense now though. Good on you and the watchdog team to try and find somewhere that you could do a real holiday money thing rather than just a "this is what you need to do before blah blah blah" thing ;)
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    Memo to Martin: Go to a Pound Shop and buy sewing kit (or treat 6 million viewers to a view of your tum). Put it in your briefcase and don't forget its there lol. Get advice from Emma Bunton on clothes repair when on tour (Get The Picture) lol.., u never know SHE might treat 6 million viewers to a view of her tum out of sympathy :P
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    So you got off the train at Cardiff and ignored the hundred or so opportunities to buy a cheap shirt, instead deciding to get a likely more expense one at the airport (and you probably did this for convieniance sake).

    ...all to do a story about people who do exactly the same with travel currency. :cool:
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    I saw the watchdog clip here. The debit card situation is alarming.
    I think Martin could have got away with a retro punk safety pin ensemble. Perhaps with a gaffer tape bandana headgear arrangement with bin liner for trousers.

    It might be advisable to have two identical shirts for 'continuity' purposes given the recurrent nature of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Send us your shirt and I'll do the buttons back on for you :D

    - or if it's truly irreparable I'll turn it into a patchwork quilt for when the little Mini-Martins arrive:rotfl::rotfl:

    NB Currently turning 2 pairs of curtains bought for 50p at a car boot into 18 aprons for 2-4 yr olds for our new school (saving us £53.32)- so I should be able to fit you in soon :cool:

    Small Emergency Fund £500 / £500
    Pay off all Debts £10,000 / £10,000
    Grown Up Emergency Fund £6000 / £6000 :j
    Pension Provision £6688/£2376
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    so do think that the lady at the end will come on mse when she gets back to brag how Martin gave her a kiss lol ,she did say she had the card because he recomended it
  • I don't know about Murphy's Law but the trouble you had with trains is definately First Great Western's Law. To call that company and the way it (claims to) run a rail service shambolic is understating the point somewhat
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    Everyone knows a tool kit need consist of only two items...a hammer and gaffer tape.

    The hammer is for things that are stuck and shouldn't be, the gaffer tape for things that should be stuck and aren't.
    I really must stop loafing and get back to work...
  • Not very MSE is it? No doubt your production company will be invoicing the BBC for all those tickets and peoples time? Plus the unnecessary travel and carbon emissions! In the austere future a phone call from the studio will have to suffice to give advice.
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