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I have had membership for the best part of this decade. I was born on Ruskin Ave, East Ham in 1971. I went to Essex and Sandingham junior schools, I am stating this in case someone wants to say who are you! My question is who are GLL and what bunch of idiots appointed these incompetents, who have treated our members with such contempt.

Atherton leisure, I refuse to use the gym upstairs, it stinks, there is no air circulation. The only thing I use at Atherton is, well was the steam, this is why I joined and because of its size. The managers didn't even bother to go and look down there, to even change a bulb, the ceiling was in need of repair, the wooden bench in the sauna would have bit missing, lights out, then the boiler blew up, and only when it would have to be shut down then repairs would take place after ages, the users go with out, still paying, then they would eventually come back.

Where's the maintenance programme we all know that has been costed into the contract. I would like the figure, how many days in last ten years have the steam rooms been shut down, in comparison to the other facilities. We'll find it has only been the steam rooms.

I remember on the odd occasion when a manager would come down by mistake and soon as we'd start and show him things, he couldnt wait to run off. Still the members of this community put up with it, because they rely on the baths, for their health and well being, but to be treated in such a contemptous way and now to be totally sodded off, is a disgrace.

Are GLL gonna factor out of their contract the fact that they've taken away well 70 percent of our vapour facilities.

Atherton was the largest, give that a 50, Balaam a very consertive 20, and Newham and East Ham a generous 15 each. So with Balaam and Atherton gone, thats 70 percent of our facility, that i was shown and pay to use. So my direct debit no longer applies to the facilities GLL signed me up to. They gonna factor this element out of all the direct debits.

My point is they want us to put up and shut up, dont like it go else where, but I say we the community of East Ham aren't going anywhere, GLL are the ones that are going and our councillors who put them there!!

I mean who designed East Ham, nice attractive front with the swimming pool, but the sauna steam, what a joke, cant even swing a cat in there, a small jacuzzi, small changing rooms, rubbish showers. At least ask the users what they want, what the requirements should be.
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