Anyone here tried busking?

Hello everyone,

I mostly make extra money to top up my income by tutoring, which almost totally drops off during the summer months. To make up for a bit of this I've been thinking about busking. I've considered it before but never actually done it, although I have looked into the rules etc. previously the weather in Scotland isn't always ideal for standing outside with a wooden instrument!

I'd like to hear if anyone else makes a little extra by busking, and if so what your personal experiences have been, and any hints or tips on how best to go about it.

Thanks! :)


  • borders_dude
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    I dont mind buskers, there are usually a few here in Edinburgh, what I dislike is the buskers who obvously arnt very good at all.

    I also dont mind buskers that keep out the road in heavy foot fall areas.

    Sometimes its really hard to walk along Princess Street becuase there are beggars, charity chuggers, buskers, golf sale sign people (well actually chinse restraunt ones) and people asking you if you want to do a survey, and all this before the big issue venders try and get you to buy one.
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  • Advocatus
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    It's all about location, location, location. People reckon tourist spots are the best but in my experience, tourists aren't stopping to smell the roses or spend their hard earned foreign exchange.

    University campuses are quite good venues, simply because students love music, will listen for a whole set and will call their friends to "chill" with them. Just don't be crap or you'll hear about it!

    Hope this helps! You're welcome!
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  • Scaredy_Cat_3
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    I love buskers - I would say you'd make most money by being upbeat and cheerful.

    I've seen buskers sitting down against a wall, singing and playing the guitar, but the overall appearance was that of a beggar, all a bit miserable, so people tended to avoid them.

    I would say if you make more of a positive impression people will be happy to stand and watch for a moment and it's probably a bit easier to part them from their cash that way. Sorry, I don't have personal experience of busking but I did have a friend who did this quite a few years ago. He had a little group doing it, not just himself, but it was great fun to watch, and he did pretty well out of it financially. Might be best to target a town where there aren't a lot of other buskers or you might just melt into the crowd and people might think well, I've just given money to the last busker a few yards away so I don't want to be giving more out now.

    Good luck with it!
  • I would have no problem giving money to a good busker, with an energetic atmosphere looking clean.

    I would probably think twice if the appearance was less.

    As long as it makes me smile, I would probably pay up!
  • dave4545454
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    busking is great, you can earn a lot of money from it and it's all tax free :) about £30 an hour in my experience
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  • Nosht
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    I think that you need a licence from the local council to busk in the street.

    Never be afraid to take a profit. ;)
    Keep breathing. :eek:
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  • scottishblondie
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    Thanks for the tips guys :) I've looked into it with my local council, and no licence is needed they just have a few rules to follow, such as not making a nuisance and moving if the police ask. Now I just need to decide on my repertoire...

    I think I'll give it a go one lunch time this week when the weather is nice, and see how it goes.
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