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I've recently come round to the pleasures of slow stoozing. I do all of my purchasing on a 6 month 0% card. I've used up half of the £3K limit in around 2 months. I need a new card sometime soon, and I was on the phone to the Halifax about my mortgage today when they tried some cross selling on me. Which was fine because it was "you've been preapproved for a credit card". 6 months at 0% on purchases.
Must have been a text book sales experience for them becuase I was mr keen. Funny moment was on payment protection "if it's payment protection insurance then I'm not interested" I said. " what are you going to do if you can't pay back the debt?" they asked. "look, I'm not going to spend any of the money" I said. Then I decided that "I've got savings" was a more diplomatic way of putting it. Chappy was obviously chuffed with his commission earning sale.
Me: "you can write on the file that the customer has strongly expressed that he has no interest in payment protection insurance". lol.

"I've just had an offer on a personal loan come up on the screen" he said.
"what's the rate?"
"6.5% ln loans over £7K".
"no thanks".

Oh I forgot, he tried to sell me a current account first, but that had no benefits over my current current accounts.

Good job I'm not a proper punter - they are falling over themselves to lend me cash these people.
Happy chappy
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