Flys on my cucumbers!

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Have today planted out my cucumbers that ive grown from seed and it seems I have loads of black fly (most of which look dead), a few green fly and one patch of what looks like spit (eurgh!) on the back of one of the big leaves and a weird looking white fat wriggling thing underneath!

Im a newbie gardener (bet you couldnt guess!) and wondered if anyone could give me any hints or tips to get rid of them organically...please!!



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    The spit is "cuckoo spit", you can just wash this off with the bug inside it

    Blackfly / greenfly generally do not bother with cucs, but you could just squish them with your fingers
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    Don't spoil your cucumbers with chemicals. If you have blackfly/whitefly/aphids or any of those type of small 'sticky' flies, just make up a solution of an environmentally-friendly washing up liquid & gently wash the leaves with it. This gets rid of them & the soapiness also stops them being able to breathe. The little bugs in the cuckoo spit are called froghoppers. I get loads of these on my lavender. They don't seem to do any damage at all, & you can just hose it off. We've picked our first cucumbers this week & they're lovely, so do keep going with them. They seem so much more juicy & fresh than those you buy in the shops.
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