My castor oil plant is looking very sad

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Hello All,

I' really worried about my castor oil plant. We had one when we lived in Cheshire (given to us as a house warming gift) and it thrived. When we moved to north Yorkshire the same friends bought us another lovely one to plant in our new garden.

It's now looking really sad - I think it might have been due to the bad winter. It's still quite a small plant (about 2 foot, if that, high).

If you have one - how's it doing and can anyone give me advice about what best to do for it?
Many thanks,


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    Mine are looking battered, brown, yellow and with lots of holes. They've been looking like that for a few years now but since they make a lot of new shoots, leaves and a whole host of winter flowers, I'm not worried about them.

    I just cut out all the horrible looking leaves and thin out each shrub so that some light can get at it and the air can circulate around it. It soon looks more lively and happy with less growth.

    I also snap off a new shoot and stick it in a pot of compost and they always always root. I've got rooted plants in pots of various sizes and nowhere to put them.

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    my castor oil plant is about 6ft tall, and has overwintered fine.
    it seems to thrive on neglect.:eek:
    I live in west Yorkshire.
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    so far
    saving for Holiday :j

    You are never too Old to learn new tricks.:rotfl:
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