When should I harvest my potatoes?

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I've got loads of lovely potato plants growing in buckets and some are flowering. I've seen on some sites that I can harvest them as soon as the flowers appear, some say two weeks after the flowers have appeared and some say after the stems have withered and died. I can't for the life of me remember the variety but is there a general rule of when is best?
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    I left mine for a week or two after flowering and harvested then. I didn't harvest them in one go - I left some in the soil for weeks after and they were fine. It's only my second year of spud growing, I'm sure someone more experienced will come along and give us a few tips.
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    I have always been told to wait until the leaves die back, and it's worked for me on the few times I've grown potatoes. Also, like Janey, I left some in th ground and just harvested them when I needed them.

    Good luck, I hope you have lots of yummy spuds!
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