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paul2louisepaul2louise Forumite
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I am looking to buy a computer base unit with the following spec or similar
AMD Sempron 2800+ cpu 333mhz FSB 384KB Cache +heat sink/fan
512MB 400mhz PC3200 DDR Memory
80GB DVD-ROM Drive
52x32x52 CD-RW drive
ASRock K7S41 400mhz FSB Motherboard
Integrated 64MB 256E AGP 8x video
5.1 Channel 3D Audio
10/100 ethernet LAN (broadband ready)
4xUSB 2.0
Silver/black case
Sony floppy disk drive

I have been quoted a price of £280 is this a good deal and if not do you know where I can get a better deal for a computer with this or similar spec



  • paul4798paul4798 Forumite
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    Louise I would say that is a good deal where have you been offered this deal as i am looking for new computer too.


    have no fear go ahead and do it!! :cool:
  • shrek101shrek101 Guest Unregistered / Not Logged In
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    It says 80GB DVD-ROM Drive I assume it means 80gb hard drive.

    It doesn't sound to bad but if you got the part separately it may be cheaper although you have to do it yourself.

    Check they do barebones systems perhaps compare prices.

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  • andyinlondonandyinlondon Forumite
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    not that good for that price.

    no dvdr and integrated graphics too.

    and with an 80gb ide drive it is entry level spec

    the motherboard does not have any sata ability so even upgrades will not be straitforward.

    you can do better than that from dell at the moment (see the thread in the grab it while you can section) a whole system with 17" monitor and xp home for £184 inc delivery
    so you could then spend a little more to upgrade it above the spec you listed and still save some money

    or go to your local computer fair and the traders will
    cut each others throats :D
    to sell you a better system than this for that price.
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  • paul2louisepaul2louise Forumite
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    I'm not too good with computers. I can use them but i've no idea how to add things to it so i really need one to take away with it all included.

    I got ther quote from a company on the website in london called I have asked a local company for competiitive quote which i am waiting to hear from them.

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