URGENT think I've spotted a scam job advert

My local paper advertised a mystery shopper job this week.I'm pretty sure its a scam.Before I alert the police and the paper I need to check with you guys if you know anything about this "company"

The email I got back after enquiring is littered with bad grammer and spelling mistakes.Its from JScardinal consulting and mentions money transfers using western union and in $. I smell a rat. The name given at the end is Frank Musciano.
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    I believe I had read previously that the job involving money transfers is a scam. A genuine Mystery Shooping company would not ask you to send money anywhere.
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    A quick google of the name Frank Musciano came up with this find an advert for a mystery shooper (sic). The details of the company's HO are in the link.


    Thing is, the same email address for Mr Musciano has a different HO adress in this ad.

    It also looks like he advertises in Spain. The link is in Spanish, but I can work out that he is looking for people to work for him and it definately seems like the same guy. http://romjinlagne.blogsome.com/

    It all looks very suspicious to me.

    Aha, google translated the Spanish page here. It is a scam! Beware Mr Musciano, he has many job opportunities for the unwary!

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  • ANYTHING that asks you to transfer money somewhere is 99.9999999999999999999% likely to be a scam. That alone should be enough for you to disregard it as genuine.
  • Yep, I agree with the others. Anything that asks for a transfer of money is almost always a dead giveaway that it is a scam. Do NOT transfer them money. Not sure why anyone really would, to be honest.
  • lucylucky
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    "which will not disturb your daily activities" My favourite bit of the advert.

    How do they know what one's "daily activities" might be.
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