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Why Is My Hot Water Not Heating?

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paul4798paul4798 Forumite
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Can anybody help me i central heating that sould alos heat the hot water.

All of a sudden the hot water is not hot whe you turn it on and the part on the wall says it should be heating it.

It heats the radiators fine why not the hot water.

Can anybody explain how to fix this?


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  • Need a bit more info Paul,is it a pumped system or gravity,type of controls fitted etc,if you are not sure just write down the parts that,s fitted.
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  • Thanks Plumb1

    Its Gravity fed it one where boiler is downstairs and tank in the bedroom cupboard.

    You know crappy type where you dont get instant hot water.

    Could we have used it all in one go and if so do you know how long it will take to heat again.


    have no fear go ahead and do it!! :cool:
  • robowenrobowen Forumite
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    You may have air in the flow and return pipes(gravity circs) at the cylinder.
    On the side of the cylinder usually, you will have 2 pipes coming out, one above the other. crack open the top union nut and let out any air maybe inside.
    If you have air and no water comes out to replace the air, you may then have a blockage in the feed pipe from the feed & expansion tank.

    check for an air vent also, this maybe fitted at the top connection on the side of the cylinder. half turn open lets out any air. will look like a screw cap(brass).
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  • Sounds to me that it is knackered, make sure you don't get a cowboy to fix it or it will cost you an arm and leg.
  • I know this sounds obvious but check there's water in the tank first and that the ball valve is not stuck?


    I mean the expansion tank!
    When you lay turfs its green side up!
  • The expansion tank is the small tank in the loft. It should have four to six inches of water in it, so that covers the outlet pipe that feeds the boiler.

    As Gaz says sometimes the ball valve sticks and ends up in mid air as the water in the tank evaporates.
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  • Not all gravity systems have a header tank in the loft,as the heating system is filled through the cylinder(primatic)these where used a lot 20yrs ago,,there will be a brass vent on the cylinder itself,to be honest i wouldn,t advise trying to do this yourself,unless you are confident,as they are usually seized up and need care when trying to vent as they can snap off.
    But first use the advice already given by others.
    A thankyou is payment enough .
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