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Part time work from home needed

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  • poppasmurf_bewdleypoppasmurf_bewdley Forumite
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    just had another idea I do trials for medical research and have just earned £3000.300 tax free for 18 days but quite a lot pay approx £800 for a weeks trial.Downside is you have to stay on the premises for the duration could be tricky for families/work and the extra head you may grow might get in the way,the last bit was a joke.If interested look up Simbec Research on the web

    Or you could end up like the poor sods in France recently who are brain dead because of the test drugs they took!
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  • lambdalambda Forumite
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    Speaking from experience, avoid *like the plague* anything which seems too good to be true and requires you to buy a bunch of stock up front for a hefty fee. A few years ago, my OH tried to do one of these kleeneze like party things where she had to arrange parties, and then go and sell stock. It was a complete waste of time. It was impossible to get any parties booked, so after she wasted about £100 of stock and several weeks, she gave up. It is all based on 'pyramid selling' too, so you are assigned a manager who then takes a cut of your commission, and so on. Just avoid them. That's my advice to you. Sorry.

    Do you have any particular skills you can exploit to make money? Knitting/crochet? You can make items and sell them, perhaps?
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  • PuzzcatPuzzcat Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    The op posted this in 2010...
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  • lambdalambda Forumite
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    Doh! :)

    Well, hopefully my advice stands for other people reading this... :)
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  • It was helpful for me as I have been considering Kleeneze but as time goes on am not convinced.
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