used it?

Just saw an ad on the TV for and have subsequently checked out the website. It claims it pays money out for intact and not very worn music and games items [with booklets etc] and seems to be in the same vein as mobile phone recyclers etc.

You punch in the bar code, it gives a price and you send off freepost from a pack that they send you or you print. [+10 items tho]

I tried a few Cd's off the shelf I had to hand and the prices aren't great, but it seems an easy process.

Has anyone used it before or know of similar sites. We all have media that we don't listen to or use anymore [or have put on our hard drives] and it seems a great idea instead of using auction sites that need more set up time and may not get results.

Any thoughts?

Franco [Luton]


  • Ascaron
    Ascaron Forumite Posts: 10 Forumite
    I have done tha same as you. It wasnt for me for the same reason, I have collectors collection and was quoted unreasonable, for me ,prices. If you just want to have a clearout it might be for you.
  • *onlyme*
    *onlyme* Forumite Posts: 947 Forumite
    We used them a few weeks ago, to de-clutter basically and got rid of loads of old DVDs and CDs that we haven't watched or listened to for ages. As there was over 100 items they arranged the collection with Parcel Force. They just emailed me asking which date I preferred for collection.

    You don't get great amounts for your items but it all adds up. To us it was a bit of extra cash for stuff we weren't using.

    They kept us well informed by email to say parcel was received, goods were being checked, cheque was being processed etc.

    Some of my friends have since used it as well and haven't had any problems.
  • markandkate
    markandkate Forumite Posts: 846 Forumite
    HI I have used them and although they are not over generous they did pay me the agreed amount promptly I had no problems at all and would use them again They sent me some pre paid postage lables and I can use them at any time
  • everyday
    everyday Forumite Posts: 18 Forumite
    Years ago, I sold some rare CDs to Esprit Mail Order - worth trying if you've got rare stuff in mint condition. Otherwise I use the Music and Video Exchange in London (Notting Hill, Camden, Greenwich, Berwick St) and exchange unwanted CDs etc.
  • Pauley_Paul
    Pauley_Paul Forumite Posts: 129 Forumite
    I've used Music and Video Exchange too and they're ok, an obvious advantage being that you can swap your unwanted stuff for something you'd like although the staff in the shops always seem a bit miserable! Esprit are good for the rare stuff too.
  • Jenna_Appleseed
    Jenna_Appleseed Forumite Posts: 4,216
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    I've used them before and it's been ok, there's a lot more opinions/feedback here (in up your income)

    Cex buys cds too, but I've just tried them (with cds that music magpie are offering over 50p for) and either got offered 0p, 10p or 20p or cd not recognised.
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  • Dodgybloke
    Dodgybloke Forumite Posts: 90 Forumite
    I've used them and found the service was fine. As people have stated above, the values given are pretty low. However useful for declutter which was what I wanted. I used quidco too to increase what I got back.

    I think my sister uses ebay to sell CDs on, which you may want to investigate.
  • Kite2010
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    I've found in the last few weeks Magpie has tighten down on some CDs it won't take, either throwing up an "sorry we're not taking that CD" or "Stock levels too high" errors when inputting the barcodes, mainly on the penny cds (the ones which go for 1p/2p on Amazon Marketplace so ain't worth selling if your not a high volume seller). But it's still a good way of getting rid of zero or low value CDs when your finished with them.

    On average it takes around 20 or so days between sending the parcel and receiving the cheques, but I must imagine they have shed loads of deliveries every day to sort though.
  • heggied
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    I just received a cheque from them for £67 for offloading about 50 or so CDs that I no longer want. Service was perfectly smooth - probably 2 weeks all in from sending discs to receiving the cheque.

    I could maybe have made a bit more selling them all individually on eBay, but the hassle level of that would have been *way* more.

    As most folks have said, for getting rid of clutter CDs, it's perfect. I'd not sell anything remotely collectable there, but I was honestly pleasantly surprised at the prices I was offered for most of the discs I sold - probably averaged about £1.25 each.
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  • JJ-Top
    JJ-Top Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    I would strongly suggest not using Music Magpie. See my other money saving expert post for details...

    Work & Benefits --> Up Your Income --> Music Magpie: new quick way to sell..... - page 17
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