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Each week we do a Great Hunt, the idea's simple to tap the collective knowledge and imagination of MoneySavers to answer a question - whether it's 'cutting the cost of home heating fuel' or 'discounts for 60 year old'. This week we want your ideas on what we should be asking.

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  • My mum does online banking and shopping. However, as she suffers from (early onset) Alzheimers, she is finding it increasingly difficult to remember her passwords :(. Often she will enter the wrong ones and then need to reset her password and they won't allow one that she has used before. She does keep a coded list but forgets to update it .:embarasse
    The banks are often quite unhelpful and unsympathetic :mad:.
    This is surely going to become a more common problem as the older generations become more computer literate?
    Are there any specific strategies that can be used? Or is it a case of educating the banks/supermarkets etc?
    Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional :j
  • What about getting hold of an old mobile phone that she can switch on when needed, numbers / names can be disguised as family contacts as well having genuine numbers listed should it fall in the hands of thieves or lost.
    :beer: MisterMick
  • bayernqbayernq Forumite
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    I am a single father to children aged 10 and 11. It's bad enough that prices go up during the school holidays but what is even more frustrating is having to pay a supplement on ANY holiday booking.
    Does anybody know of any reasonable holiday firms that don't charge this rediculous fee?
  • jhnalfordjhnalford Forumite
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    I've always used this one for ferries in europe,
    We have flight comparison sites but getting ferry prices is extremely time intensive, any ideas?
  • SongeSonge Forumite
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    I uise password safe, it's free, download off the internet. You only enter one password and can store all of your passwords and details etc in an encrypted database.

    Also some online banks, e.g. first direct offer an online service where you can control all of your accounts - they don't have to be first direct accounts in one place.
  • Many people are left caring for an older,younger or handicapped mamber of thier family.
    Many of these carers hold down part-time jobs, or no no jobs in order to look after a relative.
    there is some official support out there but no one will advise carers on what they are entitled to claim for except carers allowance.
    And are left to struggle on thier own
    Is ther any advice?
  • roddycamroddycam Forumite
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    I would like to see people nominating companies who give good service and value for money. I know it's subjective and a bit hit-and-miss, but people can always add an opposing point of view.

    For what it's worth, I nominate Cotton Traders for value and quick delivery, Morrisons as the best supermarket and my local newsagents, Browns in Kelso!
  • Smartie24Smartie24 Forumite
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    How about tips for saving money on diy?
    Maybe that's a bit too general, but I've spent a year doing up my house (tiling, plastering, woodwork, new windows, kitchen, bathroom) and have learnt things the hard way, picking up a few tips as I've gone along but lots I wish I'd known before I started. e.g. cheaper products which are just as good as expensive ones (and when not to buy cheapest!), best diy store reward cards, things you can do yourself instead of paying a tradesman etc etc
  • How to save money on stationery and computer consumables would be really helpful. For example, some things in Poundland are great value (envelopes, sticky tape), but others are a waste of time (CDRW, pencils), or where to get the cheapest inkjet cartridges etc.
  • With the World Cup coming it would be great to know if there any any places doing deals on all the England gear!
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