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    Politicians are experts at not answering the question...I think it must be a personal attribute that is listed on the job description when they apply for their jobs! I think that Clegg came closest to answering the questions and I like some of his ideas and some of Cameron's. But in truth, even when all politicians appear to be "answering questions"...they seem to have a knack of choosing their words rather carefully so that they can wriggle out of any promises later. Their technique seems to be:

    1. Sympathise with voter and give the impression you are on their side even if you think they're a pill-ock.
    2. Say something generally related so that the voter thinks they are getting an answer. At the minute, saying that they would like to help but can't because there is no money in the kitty works well - because at least the latter is true!
    3. If even get into power, do precisely what you want...unless you are close to another general election when you'll need to give the impression you are listening to voters again!
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    I dont think david cameron answered one question directly in the last debate and some how he ranked top!!!!!

    how ridicolous
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    dizzie wrote: »
    they seem to have a knack of choosing their words rather carefully so that they can wriggle out of any promises later.

    I don't see that. The bigger problem in the debates was they all decided to answer the question they wanted to answer, not the one they were asked. So if they were asked about dodgy mp's wasting taxpayer money with their expenses, they focused on the tax issue not the dodgy mp's!

    Usually Clegg is better than the other two about answering questions but they do have the problem of being criticised if their ideas seem controversial no matter how good or logical they are.
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