quick question about plastic growhouses?

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I have the Wilko plastic groehouse with 4 shelves,im quite happy with it,tho it does seem to build up a lot of condensation...originaly my plan was to remove the shelves and add in a growbag for tomatoes once the plants are big enough,but the gardening bug has bit and i want to keep my shelved unit and buy a seperate growhouse for tomatoes/cucmbers etc.
Anyway,(eventualy)my question is;,what is the difference between green mesh type covers and clear plastic ones,and what would be best for tomatoes?

This one.?? http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=20001&partNumber=590950&Trail=searchtext>GORW+HOUSE

Or This one ?? http://www.wilkinsonplus.com/Seed-Trays+Propagators/Wilko-Greenhouse-Tomato/invt/0273091?htxt=PsAGyAqy%2FDSGVBgOHPBfATKVETOKIWHcwqoICuDrG%2FxTcDPfxIrYzUvEu76RzzM6wutKTeo9AOCB%0AtDs76aYYKg%3D%3D

I think the homebase one is slightly smaller.but would it still be tall enough at 110Cm?
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    The condensation is a lack of ventilation that is inevitable with these mini greenhouses. You need to open up the greenhouse during the day as much as you can, and just close it down at night ....
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    My plastic green house came with both type of covers I use the clear one in winter and green one in summer I may be wrong but I think the clear one allows more heat inside where as the green is slightly shaded
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  • I didn't know that about the 2 covers covlass, I bought one of the plastic ones with some kind of mesh on them to replace the original one it came with which was clear and really poor quality - tried to fix it and ended up tearing it even more!
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