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Hi my 16 yr old son has got to make a vegetable dish in cooking tomorrow and the recipe he's brought is for stir fry and includes mangetout, baby sweetcorn etc, all quite expensive ingredients and I wondered if anyone had any alternative suggestions. It doesn't have to be stir fry
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  • staceydaisy
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    pasta nd HM sauce maybe
    HM quiche with cheese and onion
    vegetable bake

    or simply egg and chips lol only joking
  • billieboy_2
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    Maybe you could substitute the baby corn with frozen sweetcorn and the mangetout with frozen green beans?
  • BitterAndTwisted
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    Any vegetable can be used in a stir-fry (although I wouldn't fancy potatoes) but the real skill for a 16 year-old would be in cutting and shredding them finely enough to cook quickly
  • Butterfly_Brain
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    How about a vegetable risotto
    A soup
    veggie curry
    veggie lasagne
    pea and potato samosas
    Stirfry using red cabbage, red onions, peas, or whatever you have to hand
    a cheesecake made with crushed cream crackers for the base some philli cheese (I use sainsbugs own at 25p a tub) mixed with a little cream or plain yoghurt with veggies added to the mix - chill and serve with a garnish of fresh parsley
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  • debbym
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    Substitute tinned sweetcorn for baby sweetcorn
    carrots cut into matchsticks for beansprouts
    green beans for mangetout (or use frozen peas) etc. etc. Just use your imagination.

    I suspect the more expensive versions have been chosen because they require less preparation - just throw in and stir round. Could you cheat and help prepare things a little; or at least show him how its done the cooking skills taught in D and T these days are laughable and a whole vegetable like an onion or carrot is probably unknown territory!
  • boo81
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    What about something with chick peas? We often cook a chick pea stew type thing with rice. Would be cheap, you can throw anything in - just use tomatoes as a base. Would recommend using some herbs and spices, paprika works well.

    Also stuffed veg - peppers and mushrooms are fab

    What about a bake of some sort? Tempura veg? Beanburgers? Onion tart? lentil shepherds pie? butternut squash soup?

    I did a vegetarian meal for home ec, cant remember what I did now

    Im sure you will find something. The vegetarian society have a great website with loads of recipes.
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    we do some cooking at home, he also has dyspaxia so fine cutting isn't one of his strengths. thinking of minestrone soup or veg chilli/curry
    Starting to save £2 coins again, but it is a struggle:rotfl:Not doing very well keep spending them
  • Paulie'sGirl
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    Pasta and broccoli bake? (In a cheese sauce, baked off til golden on top)
    Boulangerie potatoes (as a side dish, rather than a whole meal, though we often have this as a meal on its own)
    Veggie chilli?
    Tuscan bean stew (if you search there's a few recipes on here)

    Hope you find something suitable!

  • boo81
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    oooh I had a recipe for brocolli, leek and pea cobbler which is to die for. It involves next to no chopping. Basically make a white sauce and pour over softened veg and add you add dumplings whilst cooking. Its from my student cookbook so must be easy ;-)
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