dry goods in bins

I used to work next door to a useful little shop where dry goods were sold in bins and you scooped up what you needed, it was weighed and charged for at the till..This closed down shortly after I retired and I wonder whether anyone has seen this type of shop lately?
On a similar subject, I wa surprised to find last week that Waitrose was cheaper for packet pulses e.g haricot beans than Asda! Their basic pauper,s food is really competitive.


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    Weigh N Save was still around last time I went to the shops - I hope they are still there as I'm supposed to be popping in tomorrow!

    ETA - they appear to have gone over to wholesale supply instead - I think I may scoot past just to check the shop is still there!
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    Unfortunately the petty beauraucrats that run our lives have deemed it unhygienic so we have to pay more for the stuff in packets which adds to landfill yadayada
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    I've seen a 'weigh house' in north sheilds and theres one in hillsborough here in sheffield (and I'm sure a couple more in Sheffield). I only went in for the first time the other day - huge savings on all my baking stuff :)
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    It wasn't all that long ago when nearly all dry goods were sold loose. Remember loose biscuits sold from boxes stacked on their sides with glass doors on the front anyone? Of course, it seems that anything which is least convenient for the shopper is what's good for the manufacturer and retailer these days. Being a single person I can see the benefit in being able to buy and ounce or two of something rather than having to buy a half-kilo and lug it all the way home only to have to store most of it.
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    There was a Weigh n Save in the town centre where I grew up. It closed down years ago. I don't think its due to hygiene reasons.

    There's still one in the Grainger Market in Newcastle City Centre. (we're a thrifty lot up here!) I often buy split peas, lentils, those sorts of things from there. Very good value actually.

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    we have a shop the same as this called easy weigh on the iow its very good as i can get what i need a bit at a time if its something i dont use that often
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    does any one know if there is one of these shops in leeds or surrounding areas please ?
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    Hi Always hardup:hello:

    I am lucky enough to have a scoopamarket within a mile from my house, however i have noticed it has got more increasingly expensive recently and slightly elitist? (if that makes any sense?) They removed a lot of stock and seem to sell a lot of packs of stuff rather than scoops - although there are loads of scoop options

    You may get a better response posting for your local area - in the Local moneysaving board section, or I can move this to Shopping and Groceries for you. Let me know which one you prefer

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