What can I make to feed my gran up?



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    I'd say that if you want to build her up it isn't so much the amount that you would like to increase, more the calories. So I'd suggest that you use butter and everything you can that is high in calories. Plus little and often - perhaps whilst you're there go for cooked breakfast (just an egg and a piece of bacon), with biscuits for elevenses, something equally high in calories for lunch; a lovely piece of cake for afternoon tea and then when you have dinner make sure there is a pudding - perhaps with cream / custard.

    You don't have to have high fat - just high calories - I know you may need to think about the cholesterol and other things. xx
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    Can I add milky drinks like Horlicks and Complan at bedtime...
    Use full fat milk
    Yoghurt (full fat, extra creamy)
    Little bowl of ice-cream when it gets hot...
    If you can encourage her to finish her meal with a dessert (no matter how small) or a cup of tea and a biscuit, that will also help.
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    I noticed you could call in to Morrisons on your way. Mr M's in Gloucester does little aluminium pudding basins, they are an ideal size for puds.

    When my mum passed away last month, I filled dads freezer to over flowing, I used a lot of the square type tin foil, but he's finding that they will do two meals.
    His menu includes cottage pie, spag boll, haggis, lasagne, lambe stew & dumplings, liver & onions,, scotch pies, (cheese & onion Bread & butter pudding - this can be made very rich & filling), fish pie, scotch panckaes, bread pudding, scotch pancakes, scones. his one request so far is more fish pies 'cause I only made enough for three portions (one each for tea plus one for the freezer)

    I did a lot of plain cake mix then added diferent things to each loaf tin case (cherries, coconut, apricot and crystalized ginger, walnut and coffee also standard fruit cake). cut in half before freezing he can chop and change as he wants.

    hope this helps
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    I forgot to say - don't give her huge helpings. We all eat giant helpings of food compared with what people used to eat and elderly people often find a vast plateful quite threatening. A small amount, presented prettily on her favourite plate is more likely to be eaten (and there can always be seconds if she wants).
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    One thing that doesnt come over quite clearly (though I can see various posters are thinking that:D) is "Well done to you for doing this" :A:T
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    Does anyone know where I can find recipes for things like savoury steamed puddings?
    Hello OP,
    I found one or two on the Atora suet website, and then found lots more by putting savoury steamed pudding recipe into a well-known search engine.
    Good luck - happy cooking and have a lovely time with your gran. She is so lucky to have you doing this for her.
  • meritaten
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    my OHs uncle used to really look forward to my visits as I always brought his favourite dessert - egg custard!!! not the shop bought ones with pastry cases - but a bowl of real egg custard with grated nutmeg on top - he said it was just like his wifes. (she must have used the same box mix too!) It was a good few years ago but i think the make was 'Greens'!
  • m_curiousity
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    wow so many replies! Thanks guys, its truly heartwarming to have so many people take an interest... sure my gran will appreciate it also :D

    Some really fabulous ideas/pointers on here and will definately be using them. Heres to helping her put on a stone or two!!
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    I work in a hospital and have loads of elderly patients who are suffering with weight loss - we use butter in everything, lots of tea with full fat milk, real Ice cream, puddings with cream, fortified soup for starters etc, cake!!
    Although if she is suffering from wieght loss its a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor, in some cases they can prescribe free build up drinks such as ensure which are tons of calories packed into one small drink! Unfortunatly this is a common problem with the elderly, taste buds are fading, lack of hunger, inefficiency of the bowl to absorb nutrients etc and it can be worrying for family, the thing is not to overface her or make her feel like your forcing her to eat.
    Also if she'll talk about it ask her about her bowl habits as constipation can be a real problem for the elderly and reduce appetite (senna and sodium docusate are brill and can be bought over the counter but also your doctor can prescribe exactly the right thing for free)
    Good Luck and well done you for looking after your nan xx
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    When I visited my grandad he always asked me to cut up fruit for him. I think he would've eaten it himself it weren't for his hands feeling clumsy and he was losing his sight. So I would cut up melons, and mangoes for breakfast and he'd be thrilled. Also he used to eat an apple and a few slices of cheese for 11enses - got me into that so I still do it to this day! I made him scones and shortbread and quized him about food he ate in his childhood which it seems is what he really missed, then I'd look up the recipes and try and make them, believe it or not he loved curry, though I did make it fairly mild and I made my own nans which he loved. His favourite author was Rudyard Kipling and he'd visited me in India many years ago when I worked there so finding a memory or inspiration seems to help them to eat when it all just becomes a bit boring for them. Eating with him made all the difference too - then it became an event and he'd eat more.
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