Please Help! I've Only Got £15 To Last A Fortnight.

I'm a single person, and have a Tesco and Lidl nearby.

What i can i buy to feed myself on £7.50 a week?

Please help, with suggestions.

Oh what's the bloody point...?


  • GemmaBuckle
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    Hi - there's a whole host of information on the grocery challenge thread. It's sticked at the top of OS.
    What do you have in your storecupboard / fridge already that needs using up?
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  • Trinny
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    Hi There

    I would direct you to Weezl's thread in the " How much have you saved" part of the forum - its just next to the money saving arms. She has developed a prototype menu which should help you.

    There is also a thread started by Penelope Penguin on this very topic - it should nt be too far down the OS listings as it was developed in the last few weeks.

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  • RAS
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    Find out what time Tesco's mark up their major reductions, if you can get a whole bag of potatoes for 25p or a loaf for 20p, your money can go further.
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  • zippychick
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    Hi Nordtraveller :hello:

    If you can let us know what you have in your cupboards and fridge already , that would be a great starting point. This means we know what you already have and can use those ingredients to build on and create meals

    I/m in a bit of a rush at the mo so will be back later with links etc (Or Pink will if she beats me to it :D )

    Don't worry - I'm sure the trusty OSers can help you :)

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  • BitterAndTwisted
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    With one of those bags of stir-fry vegetables for a pound, a bottle of Lloyd Grossman Thai Green or Red Curry sauces for a pound in Lidl and those 20 pence oriental noodles I can make three evening meals for just over two quid.

    A 500 gramme package of minced beef can be made into several different meals like bolognaise sauce, lasagna, a shepherd's pie or a cottage pie which should keep you going for quite a few meals as well.

    I think Lidl have aubergines on special offer this week, so two of them plus a tin of chopped tomatoes, some garlic and cheese can be made into Melanzana alla Parmigiana. I make that and it does me for two meals for abut £1.50
  • jinky67
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    Just for Martin

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  • GreenNinja
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    Hi Nordtraveller :wave:

    It looks like a challenge! I personally don't know how I would do it but look forward to seeing some hints from some better informed people. Hope you manage ok for the next two weeks.
  • patchwork_cat
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    jinky67 wrote: »
    Just for Martin


    Have I missed something? (insert confused smiley)
  • jinky67
    jinky67 Forumite Posts: 47,812 Forumite
    Have I missed something? (insert confused smiley)
    Sorry, that is our Nords name:D
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  • patchwork_cat
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    Wasn't there going to be a sticky for issue like this. I saw it a few weeks ago, but can't spot it now - link anyone? So there is more than one Martin on the site who'd have thunk it!!!!
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