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Free weightwatchers points calculator and much more

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Free weightwatchers points calculator and much more

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sarah1972sarah1972 Forumite, Board Guide
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Freebies (no spend required)
Hi all

I found this site that lets you work out weightwatchers points so if you want to do the diet without attending meetings or buying online then you can work it out here

Its a very informative site that also has things like

Financial Calculator
Weight Loss Calculator
BMI Calculator
Calorie Calculator
Army Body Fat Calculator
Body Fat Calculator
BMR Calculator
Weight Watchers Points Calculator
Anorexic BMI Calculator
Carbohydrate Calculator
Ideal Weight Calculator

Math Calculator
Pregnancy Calculator
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  • fraz_babefraz_babe Forumite
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    Thanks OP very useful for me!x
    Proud mummy to 3 beautiful children who I love so so much :oxxxx

    Baby girl due april 2016! cant wait to meet her. xxx
  • thanks, although it doesn't make me feel to good right now ;)
    Gadget obsessed bargain hunter
  • That is the american version of the calculator - it includes fiber [sic]. The UK calculator simply goes on Kcal and sat fat. The formula is too complicated for me. I think the American programme is different from the UK programme. It may make no difference, either way, though.
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    jayjotia2007jayjotia2007 Forumite
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    edited 21 April 2010 at 8:44PM
    Hello All

    I came across this brilliant website which has exactly what you are all looking for:

    w w w . wilfscorner . co . uk / ww / index . php

    COMPLETELY FREE: this is not spam, sorry if it doesn't make much sense but as I am a newbie I'm currently not allowed to post links at the moment, you just have to put it all together and paste it in to your address bar to go direct to the website.

    Also if you have an iphone, I have managed to find this brilliant points calculator app, and does much much more, but I'm afraid it does cost £1.79 its called: POINTCALCLITE

    Peace out, enjoy!
  • Sarah, thanks for the list of so many useful health calculators. When I wanted to measure my body fat percentage, I don't think anything comes close to a Dexa Scan but I did find a site that is an AI body fat calculator that is based on DEXA. If you are interested, just search the AI body fat calculator on google. I think its the first link estimate bodyfat
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