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  • Ros_bayford
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    edited 15 April 2010 at 7:39PM
    I will first have a moan about petol/Diesel prices I am paying £1.21 per Ltre I am sure it was changed from Gallons to Ltrs so we didnt realise how much we were paying!!. We are struggling to get to work everyweek I put £20 in and out of that our little village petrol station gets ONLY £4 of it,its an absolute joke our counciltax/Water etc has all gone up but we dont get the Rises at work to cover it. I cant beleave the cost of a first class stamp 41p!!
    Perhaps these politicians should try to live a normal life and see how they would like it. Perhaps the goverment should reward the people that do there bit and help them a bit more. Whats the point of voting they are all the same promises,promises and dont do anything about it.We get taxed when we earn it taxed on our pensions and taxed when we die
    Prisons-cut the luxurys bread and water only no TVs etc!! Where has all our British owned industries gone? everything is being sold abroad we will own nothing soon. Why did we enter the european union GREAT britain will sink soon with too many people GREAT BRITAIN is not great any more. (Sorry not replying to anyone in particular not sure how to put on a new post)
  • Ros_bayford
    Ros_bayford Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    teddyco wrote: »
    i didnt' see one question about britain's involvement in the eu. It costs britain approximately £200 billion to accommodate membership in the eu and 60 percent of rules currently come from brussels.

    It is penny wise and pound foolish for us to be worrying about petrol prices and energy bills when the biggest waste is with mindless eu regulation.

    The rich and shameless of this world want everyone and his brother to be part of the new world order, but i say no way! Britain, get out of the eu now!
    here here!!!!!
  • Adam737
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    This will be my first election, I haven't voted before as i'm only 21 and haven't really been interested in political issues up until lately. And I do like to have a good old moan!

    I voted for the First Time Buyers, as in my own position and with the current climate, it will be impossible for me to get foot on any kind of ladder for many years to come. I don't earn enough money to save up a 20/25% deposit, so I don't see myself being an attractive risk to a mortgage lender.

    My second choice would have been petrol prices, and I agree with most of the previous comments on this subject. Yes they do a lot of harm to the environment, but until a suitable alternative is invented/discovered, it'll remain the job of car manufacturers to make their engines cleaner and more efficient. Electric cars aren't a suitable alternative, not yet anyway, hence why they haven't reigned supreme already.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people don't realise the difficulty and the implications of electric cars. They're by far a new concept, my Grandad worked on electric cars back in the 1960's. The technology has improved dramatically, but not sufficiently to produce a realistic alternative to petrol/diesel.

    If everybody switched to an electric car tomorrow, the environment would be saved. If everybody switched to an electric car tomorrow, our economy wouldn't be. I can only guess on the amount of tax would be lost, but simple math from my simple mind:
    The government get .59 per litre of fuel (as quoted from The Telegraph, sorry i'm not allowed to post links!)

    If I fill my tank up (50 litres) once a month, they get £29.50. Per year thats £354.

    There's around 32million vehicles in the U.K (quoted from numerous web pages), multiply that and it comes to a staggering £11,328,000,000. Obviously I know that not all vehicles are going to have such a big engine or tank, so halve that figure and its still over £5.6bn.

    Take that out of our economy every year.

    Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that all Governments around the world treat running a country like a business. Its the Prime Minister's 'business' which is in debt, and unfortunately it'll continue to be this way for a long time, as they get all the pro's (being paid and head of a nation) and none of the con's (the debt isn't personally theirs, they can walk away). Why does the Prime Minister get paid still? If I racked up an enormous amount of debt for my own company, i'd be bankrupt, out of a job, and out on my backside.

    Why isn't he?............Well that's my moan over for the week!!
  • Kilwinning_Bluenose
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    Binjons wrote: »
    The Earth has a 6mile wide 'blanket' of atmosphere where all the carbon is getting trapped, which is keeping the heat in & warming everything up - it's not really that difficult to grasp mate.

    Ironically that bit about sinking fast is actually much more relevant to other countries, which actually ARE sinking, as we speak & as a result of sea rises, (others are starving because of drought), because of the atmosphere being messed with.

    Wake up - climate change isn't a 'maybe' threat that's coming, it's already here!

    Where are the millions of people who have to leave there sunken/parched countries just to survive going to go......? Scotland maybe?

    I understand the theory mate and I accept that we are contributing to it but we are ripped off in the name of climate change.That was what I meant when I said 'con'. The climate is cyclical though, that point sands.

    I consider myself 'green'. I recycle when I can, make sure all electrics are off when not being used and other little things. However, I need my car for work. I can't help the fact it pollutes and there is no way I can walk to my work. Public transport is absolutely awful around here and is really not an option. Yes we need a new, cleaner source of fuel but until then it's unfair to charge people through the nose for a problem most of us can do nothing about.

    I'm not aware of the sinking countries but if we take their good people and send the neds/chavs to sink then I'll happily welcome them. Would keep the population down and improve the average IQ.;)
    Failing in my savings journey! :D

    Scottish, British, Proud
  • Kilwinning_Bluenose
    Kilwinning_Bluenose Forumite Posts: 31 Forumite
    Adam737 wrote: »
    The government get .59 per litre of fuel (as quoted from The Telegraph, sorry i'm not allowed to post links!)

    Mate it's 76p a litre the Government take. You've got VAT on top of the fuel duty.
    Failing in my savings journey! :D

    Scottish, British, Proud
  • Adam737
    Adam737 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Mate it's 76p a litre the Government take. You've got VAT on top of the fuel duty.

    Apologies... like I said simple mind.

    Still, it increases the overall figure.
  • GTG
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    The one issue that is costing every one both now and will cost future generations is the issue that got the global economy into the mess it is in i.e. the banks being allowed to gamble with our money. Is anyone addressing the real issue of separating the commercial operation of the banks from the investment operations. That is the question that should be asked, any party not willing to impliment this should be shunned IMHO.
  • Plushchris
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    Petrol prices for me.

    Cant believe some of the responses on here about it to be honest, "just use less" what a stupid joke that statement is. So what, am I only supposed to drive to work 2 days a week or something??

    Also the "I dont drive so its nothing to do with me" types, do you not know how the stuff you buy in shops gets to the shops in the first place? Lorrys and vans do not run on fresh air (if they did there would be a fresh air tax)
    Missing Tesco R&R since Feb '07 :A & now a "Tesco veteran" apparently! ;)
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    I voted for energy bill question :money:as I was one of the long term unemployed untill today and the ignorance of the general public to the unemployed grates on me:mad:. I am now worse off in work than I was unemployed and guess what with a inadequate minimum wage and the necessity of tax credits I now cost the government more than I did unemployed

    **something to ponder on**
    95%of asda/walmart staff are subsidised by tax credits or is this just the government indirectly subsidising share holders and profits
    WE need a government that will stop the poorest in this country paying for the rich to help there selves to taxes that should fix roads, staff our hospitals and stop kids whether one of ten or 2.2 children living in poverty.
    Oh by the way I am driver who believes we should be improving public transport and re nationalising it rather than worrying about the cost of the petrol at the pumps:).

    Graduate cleaner desperately seeking a real living wage
  • Steve_xx
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    The tax credit system is barmy. I know a couple with two kids, both professional with joint incomes circa 60k and they get the tax credit thing as well as their Family Allowance. People on salaries of this ilk ought not to be entitled to any state benefits.

    Petrol is outrageously expensive. Yet I see more and more of these four-wheel-drive vehicles on the roads. How do people afford to run them? They're not fuel-efficient. If people were more sensible and bought only cars with 1 litre engines then demand for petrol would fall and the price for it would fall too. There realy is no need for people to be swanning around in these humongous vehicles for no other reason than the swank value.
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