MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Pete bid for Carl's amp on eBay?



  • janbanan
    janbanan Forumite Posts: 90 Forumite
    No, I would not buy anything from a friend on ebay...
  • BingoMum
    BingoMum Forumite Posts: 39 Forumite
    I'd probably recommend Carl puts a reserve on his amp, if it's still a decent price I'd bid on it, otherwise I would use BargainChecker to search for brand names of amps and grab a bargain anyway :)
  • Sublime_2
    Sublime_2 Forumite Posts: 15,741 Forumite
    1ipstick wrote: »
    So... who's Mick?

    Thats what I just thought. Is it worded incorrectly? Are Pete and Mick the same?
  • menorah56
    menorah56 Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    Carl & Pete are friends, therefore Carl is most likely aware of Pete's need and financial situation.
    Carl's chosen to offer the 'amp' to all bidders in preferance to giving Pete first refusal.

    In the event Pete secures the 'amp' for £50 he'll owe nothing more to Carl because he's buying in an 'open market'. Furthermore, Pete has no obligation to reveal his 'bidding identity', many bidders remain anonymous for all sorts of reasons.

    Carl has the option to auction the item with a 'reserve'. If he chooses to sell without a reserve he must therefore be happy with whatever final bid he receives.
  • kevanf1
    kevanf1 Forumite Posts: 299 Forumite
    I'm a member of an online fishing club angling not phishing :) We all often have bits of gear that we offer to each other at the start price we would put it up on eBay for. There's no problem and if nobody wants it then it goes on for that start price.

    I really don't see a problem here or a dilemna.
    Kevan - a disabled old so and so who, despite being in pain 24/7 still manages to smile as much as possible :)
  • A.Jones
    A.Jones Forumite Posts: 508 Forumite
    Choppit wrote: »
    Technically the thing to do would be to let the auction run its course without placing a bid. If the item didn't sell then a transaction can be carried out outside eBay. If Pete were to bid, this could be interpreted as a shill bid and potentially lead to suspension of one or both accounts.

    It would not be interpreted as shill bidding. Their is no link between the two accounts, and so long as Pete didn't go to his mate's house to place the bid, there would be no suspicion. Someone from the same town as you bidding on one of your items would not be flagged as shill bidding.

    I'd bid £200 if I thought it was worth £200 and I was willing to pay £200. If it was left to run without a bid, chances are it would be sniped in the ast seconds by a stranger anyway. At least then, if someone else bids, he will get a decent price. If not, I get a bargain and he sells ata price he was willing to accept.

    Or, I might tell him to stop the auction, take decent pics and relist it.
  • kalaika
    kalaika Forumite Posts: 716 Forumite
    The question implies that Pete is more experienced at using eBay than Carl. I would have thought that the moral question should really ask why Pete has seen his mate's listing but then hasn't helped Carl put a proper listing up that would generate more interest. As a mate surely that would be the morally right thing to do? As part of that discussion, Pete could then say to Carl that he would be interested in buying it from him and then listing on eBay might become redundant anyway.

    However, in this situation, as there is only one hour to go, Pete should bid on the amp himself to hopefully avoid a stranger nabbing it for a song, and (assuming he wins) Pete can talk to Carl afterwards about agreeing a price that both are happy with so that both get a fair deal.
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  • tabbycat2k
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    Well it depends on your definition of friend. He either says he is interested and they come up with a fair price, or he helps him by suggesting improvements to his listing eg photos and encouraging blubrb - or he rips him off.
  • diva28uk
    diva28uk Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    I feel the right thing to do would be (if Carl is more experienced using eBay which he sounds to be)

    Either offer to list it for him and do a proper listing with pictures and proper discription, also taking in to account that Carl probably has some feedback will help with the final amount or offer to help him do his own listing with photo's etc (as you will have explained this attracts more interest and therefore more bidders=higher sale fee)

    That would be the right thing for a friend to do. A friend wouldn't be looking to profit from his friend or to take them for a ride.
  • menorah56
    menorah56 Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite

    Taking it for £50 off him is no way to treat a mate. i'm glad i don't have some of you lot for mates!

    This view is neither objective or realistic and plainly naive. Wake up to the reality of commerce and life in general.
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