Free St John Ambulance first aid guide. app and printout

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Free St John Ambulance first aid guide. app and printout

edited 30 October 2018 at 5:01PM in Freebies (no spend required)
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edited 30 October 2018 at 5:01PM in Freebies (no spend required)

This pocket sized guide gives you essential first aid advice. It covers five common conditions where straightforward first aid could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

You'll learn how to treat:Severe bleeding
  • Dealing with an unconscious person
  • Dealing with someone who isn’t breathing.
    • Choking
    • Heart attack

Official MoneySavingExpert insert Tue 30 Oct:

This thread was started in 2010, but this free first aid guide is still available via the link above. For full information on this and a free baby first aid guide, see our St John Ambulance page.

Big thanks to 19foy61 for the spot!


  • thnx...........
  • Pip26Pip26
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    Yes - thanks for this. I've been listening about it on Radio 4 today.

    St. John's Ambulance/Red Cross have just started a new campaign to raise awareness and save thousands of deaths a year that could other wise be avoided if people knew and applied simple first aid.

    They want the booklet to go out to as many people as possible.

    Have sent for mine.

    Thanks 19f!
  • Thanks for this, I,ve done first aid courses but years ago so this will remind me,(I think EVERYONE should know basic first aid)
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  • Thanks a very useful post.
  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman
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    Thanks for that. Have ordered mine.
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  • Jaxb_2Jaxb_2
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    Thanks for this OP :T
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  • Thanks for this.. Pretty poor website they have but hey, free stuff! :)

    Thanks again, Taz.
  • thanks op this will be really handy.
  • flis21flis21
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    Great idea. I already carry around a little first aid pouch I got out of poundland, this will be really useful to keep in it.
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  • Thanks for the link, ordered mine not too long ago. I'm a lifeguard so am always being tested on my first aid skills at training sessions, this will come in handy when I'm swotting up before the sessions! :)
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